5 tips to help you grow your business

Keeping things simple, and tidy, can be a very effective strategy to grow your business. For those of us in business development, sales and marketing, we need to stay current, with the market, with clients, and with our value service. Clutter gets in the way! It distracts us. And it can confuse prospects. Time spent […]

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Identify your Identity - what position is best - Mark Stonham

Identify your Identity – the 1st step to being a successful solopreneur

For those of us who want to run successful businesses on our own the first step that must be mastered is to “Identify your Identity” – according to Roger Hamilton. And, as the entrepreneur behind Wealth Dynamics, Entrepreneurs Institute and GeniusU.com, and a community of over 500,000 entrepreneurs, he’s is a very good place to […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation 10 opportunities to start sales conversations

Start Sales Conversations – 10 opportunities to engage

Some people find it very easy to start sales conversations, at network meetings, at exhibitions, over the phone, or other situations. And at any gathering it’s possible to observe or be on the receiving end of a very positive and purposeful sales conversation, without feeling upset. On LinkedIn it’s possible to experience the full spectrum […]

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