Website Review and Action Plan – to increase lead generation and sales

The Wurlwind Website Review and Action Plan provides an independent assessment of your website effectiveness as a marketing and sales tool and an important element in your sales funnel activities.

It is ideal for small to mid-sized business (SME) wanting to grow sales through better lead generation or looking to reduce costs in other marketing areas.

Whether your website is currently an online brochure or a more comprehensive site, the review will identify beneficial improvements within the overall context of your marketing and sales strategy.

What does the Website Review cover?

The review will identify additional benefits the website can make, from lead generation to customer support and look at:

  • Design and layout of template(s)
  • Site structure from a customer perspective
  • Findability based on keywords and search
  • Visitor Engagement such as Email sign-up & Forms
  • Social Media and community engagement opportunities
  • Multi-media usage and opportunities


What will the Website Action Plan highlight?

The action plan will typically highlight 20-30 focused and pragmatic improvements for quick wins and suggestions for longer term development across the following areas:

  • Improve first impressions and visit duration
  • Increase lead capture and return visits
  • Improve find-ability of the website
  • Increase traffic quality and quantity
  • Improve the customer/visitor experience
  • Identify technical issues and constraints
  • Review site measures and operations
  • Provide guidance for long-term direction

How long with a Website Review take?

For a smaller business the website review and action plan is typically a day or perhaps 2, depending on the nature of the current website and the depth of the assessment agreed.

If you want to improve the contribution your website makes to your lead generation or in other areas like sales and customer service then this review could be just the answer, guidance and direction you are looking for.

The Wurlwind Website Review and Action Plan will provide clear direction and actionable steps to deliver quick wins and long-term benefit in several areas.

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