Pimp your LinkedIn Profile – Dress for Success Online

LinkedWin Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile ImageIs your LinkedIn profile working really hard for you?

  • Does your LinkedIn Profile do you justice and clearly present your Value and Expertise?
  • Do people find you, invite you to connect and does your LinkedIn Profile Open Doors for you?
  • Does it make it easy for people to Contact and Connect with you, via LinkedIn or other channels?

Or is your profile an embarrassment, languishing with minimal details, or looking like an out-of-date CV? LinkedIn can be a powerful sales tool for you, especially for lead generation and social prospecting, but you need to look the part.

Who gains from having a Professional Linkedin Profile?

Essentially anyone who is on LinkedIn who does not already have an excellent profile – whether they lead a large company or division, are employed in a sales role, run their own business, or are a fee earning professional.

  • If you are the figurehead of the business then your colleagues and team will benefit from your lead
  • If you want introductions it will make it much easier for people to refer you
  • If you are prospecting for new business it will support those outbound activities
  • If you want inbound inquiries you’ll rank well in the LinkedIn Directory
  • If you are managing major accounts you’ll come across as a business specialist
  • If you are a fee earner you’ll add strength to the team and company on LinkedIn
  • If you’re in career transition it can clarify your focus and direction.

If you head a business or sales team and want to connect LinkedIn with Sales this is an excellent place to start.

The “Pimp your LinkedIn Profile” service from Wurlwind makes it REALLY EASY and QUICK to look smart online.


Dress for Success Online

In the same way that you need to dress appropriately for business meetings, so you need to Dress for Success in LinkedIn.

Just think about the value of an addition customer gained through LinkedIn? How much would that be worth to you and your business?

  • £100?
  • £1,000?
  • £10,000?
  • Maybe even more?

This may be a direct result of a new contact, or indirectly, if one of your prospects checks you out and then agrees to take your call or arrange to meet.

How much do you spend on your company website, while your Personal Profile Page is neglected.

Your Professional LinkedIn Profile starts here

Getting to 100% by following the LinkedIn prompts is just the start.

The Wurlwind Profile Re-write Service goes way beyond that and includes:

  • writing your summary in a way that will engage prospects
  • including triggers that move your prospects from status quo to action
  • updating the 10 points that make your profile look really professional
  • identifying and listing your keywords and including them in the text
  • positioning you at the appropriate level – as a peer to your prospects
  • highlighting your key skills so you get found by prospects within LinkedIn
  • build your credibility by including proof points and social proof too
  • including a call to action, for prospects and for referrals and introductions

Get ahead of your competitors really fast with this ‘LinkedIn Profile Package’.

The ‘Done For You’ Service and Support

This is a personal service that uncovers your hidden strengths and achievements and understands your goals and objectives. Having been a successful salesperson I can relate to, and add value, to a wide range of sales related profiles, from CEO and Sales Director, Business Owner and New Business Sales, to Fee earning and Freelance Consultants.

  • I will personally review your profile against your goals, which I’ll ask you for.
  • I will interview you by phone so I understand your strengths, achievements and ideal prospects.
  • I will prepare and send you a rewritten Headline, Summary, current position Title and Text.
  • I can also update your profile for you, including settings and contact details.

I also offer online and telephone support, to talk you through the activities you should focus on, to meet your objectives quicker.

Service Packages are being updated, so I’ll cover the options and costs when we talk.

Send an email to me, Mark@Wurlwind.co.uk, and let’s get started 

Get Dressed for Success Online – within a week!