LinkedIn Training – Foundation Course for Company Teams

LinkedIn Training Foundation CourseUsing LinkedIn as a team is far more beneficial than just using it as an individual.

If you run a business and want to get yourself and your team up to speed about LinkedIn (and you are based in the South West of the UK), then this half-day course is designed for you.

It will help you and your team to understand how LinkedIn can help you grow as a business. It will help you to create an action plan to develop the profiles, skills and networks that will underpin more specific activities, such as customer appreciation and lead generation campaigns.

Target Audience:

The half-day course is designed to be run in-house on client premises with 6-10 attendees from one company. It is suitable for people in all roles, including owners and directors, managers, sales, marketing, fee earners, customer services, administration and more.

LinkedIn Training Course Objectives and Outcomes

The benefits to individual attendees are:

  • clarity about why and how to use LinkedIn as a professional individual.
  • tips on how to use LinkedIn to help the business you work for to be more successful.

The benefits to the company are:

  • Clarity about how to use LinkedIn as a business team for the benefit of the business.
  • Convergence and alignment of strategy, techniques and tactics around the team.
  • How to create the foundation for more specific activities by different functions.

LinkedIn Training Foundation Topics covered:

Introduction to LinkedIn – the premier Professional Network

  • Highlights of the potential benefits available through LinkedIn

Creating a strong Professional Profile and Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  • Why it matters to have a strong professional profile on LinkedIn
  • What does a good professional profile look like?
  • How to find industry leaders and role models to learn from.
  • Why it’s better to be a specialist, and how to show that you are one.
  • What contact details should be add, and how to add them?
  • What to include in the LinkedIn Summary section cover.
  • How to add and organise skills and endorsements.
  • How to describe your roles and experience to make an impact.
  • The best ways to develop your personal brand over time.

Making Connections and building your Network of Contacts

  • Why you should connect with Colleagues on LinkedIn.
  • How to connect with colleagues really fast.
  • Why you should connect with your Customers on LinkedIn.
  • How to connect with your Customers on LinkedIn.
  • Who else should you invite to connect in LinkedIn?
  • How to Organise your Connections in LinkedIn
  • How to keep in touch with people you know in LinkedIn

How to support your company and colleagues in LinkedIn

  • Easy ways for staff to raise the profile of the company
  • How to avoid damaging the reputation of the company

Course Pre-requisites

  • This course is designed for people and teams with little or no knowledge or presence on LinkedIn.

Course Costs

The training element for my LinkedIn Training Foundation Course for up to 8 attendees is £495.

*Additional costs for travel, room hire and customisation may apply.

How to arrange a LinkedIn Foundation Course

If you would like further information or to discuss specific LinkedIn Training needs please contact me, Mark Stonham, and let’s schedule a call.