LinkedIn Training and Business Development support from Mark Stonham

Clients have been generous in their praise for what they have received and achieved as a result of our training and services.

Top level results achieved

A recurring set of messages come through from their testimonials, that they have more:

  • Clarity – a better understanding of LinkedIn and Business Development, and how it benefits them and their business.
  • Confidence – that they know what to do and how to do it, and how to avoid the mistakes and errors and bad practice
  • Results – from quick-wins to sustained benefits, where they have put in consistent activity.

The ideal starting place for all our training and services is to understand the goals and situation of our clients.

However, if clients are unable to articulate their goals in specific areas then they can be developed through the call.

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Services

Our LinkedIn Profiles are a cornerstone of our activity online and our digital footprint.

  • LinkedIn Profile Rewrites – this ‘done-for-you’ service gives people a step-change in their appearance on LinkedIn. I have rewritten hundreds of LinkedIn Profiles since 2012. During this period I’ve developed a method to do this effectively.
  • I’ve gathered the testimonials into different role groups to give you a clearer view:

Check out the Profile Rewrite testimonials and links here.

LinkedIn Training

Individuals and companies have benefited from the LinkedIn Training I’ve run. This includes:

  • Telephone Training Calls for Individuals – One-to-One LinkedIn training via Skype that delivers concise training tailored to the situation, goals, existing knowledge and timescales of individuals. The main modules I cover in the calls are:
    • LinkedIn Foundations – primarily profile, network, content and conversations
    • Social Prospecting – searching for individuals and reaching out
    • Account Based Marketing – targeting companies for multiple entry points
    • Customer Appreciation and Referral Marketing – developing loyalty and encouraging action
    • Content and Article Marketing – effective strategies for engaging & valuable content
    • Advanced Personal Branding – for partnerships and co-marketing
    • LinkedIn Company Page and Advertising 
  • LinkedIn Workshops for Company Teams – small group training for management teams and sales teams on company premises.
  • Masterclass Training – I have previously run open courses but none are currently scheduled.

Check out the LinkedIn Training testimonials and links here.

The LinkedWIN Business Development Blueprint

This program of activity, combining training and services, is an evolution of the training and services I’ve delivered up to now.

It is designed as a Done-With-You service, to provide structured support through a period of skills development and behaviour change.

If you’re interested in my Done-With-You program please get in touch and I’ll brief you about it.

LinkedIn Consultancy

  • Linkedin Profile Reviews – this is a focused service that identifies improvements and quick wins in the way people present themselves on LinkedIn.
  • Strategy advice covering Linkedin, Social Selling and Business Development.

To find out how you could benefit from our training and services please contact me via to set up a strategy call to discuss your goals and needs.