Wurlwind Community – our Partners, Associates and Members

Wurlwind is a community for Trusted Advisors with a Business Development focus. As part of the value to members of the community we have close relationships with various organisations who bring value to people in Trusted Advisor roles.

Wurlwind Partners

Partners who bring value to the community have been identified and relationships built over many years. These include:


Nimble is a CRM designed for the new Social Selling environment headed up by Jon Ferrara. I’ve used Nimble since pre-launch in 2010, and it’s a core system for my own business development activities.  The Nimble company aligns with our values and value proposition, and is highly suitable for individuals and small teams who operate as Trusted Advisors. I’ve been a reseller partner for several years and I’m an ambassador for Nimble.


This is an international community for entrepreneurs headed up by Roger Hamilton. It delivers tools, training and support. I’ve attended 3 live event run by Roger Hamilton in London over a six year period. I’ve found his philosophy, teaching and tools incredibly valuable. Two elements are especially valuable for Independent Trusted Advisors – the Wealth Dynamics Profiling Tool and the GeniusU community platform. I trained and qualified as a Flow Consultant in 2016, to debrief people who have taken the Wealth Dynamics Profile Assessment.


I’ve included Linkedin at this level although there is no formal ‘partner’ relationship. However, LinkedIn is central to the value and service that I offer so it would be remiss of me not to include it here.

Wurlwind Associates

Associates are organisations and people who I’ve known and worked with for several years and where there is typically an informal reciprocal relationship for introductions and referrals.

T-L – a support network for senior independent consultants and change leaders, headed up by D-P.

T – a support network for current or aspiring Directors and NEDs, headed up by T-S.

E-F – a learning network for business leaders, CEOs and MDs, headed up by M-W.

K-T-F – a executive support network specialising in sales development and improvement, headed up by R-H in Bristol.

T-M-D – a virtual marketing department with particular strengths and value for technology businesses, headed up by G-L.

J-H – a business development consultancy headed up by A-J.

Wurlwind Community Members

A membership package is under development for Trusted Advisors who would like to receive more value in the area of Linkedin and Business Development from Wurlwind.

If you are interested and would like more information as it develops please email me, Mark Stonham at mark@wurlwind.co.uk and I’ll be in touch.