About You – who is my ideal client?

Having successfully deliver LinkedIn related Training and Services since 2010 it has become clearer who is an ideal client for me, Mark Stonham, is.

And, after a lot of thought it, occurred to me that the common thread is that they are in a “Trusted Advisor” role.

The majority of my clients since 2010 have been people who I would identify as Trusted Advisors to their clients.

And this clarity (early in 2018) has been a revelation.

It means I can focus my communications, content, services and more around a single ‘avatar’ rather than multiple ones.


My Ideal Client is someone who is a Trusted Advisor

Some clients have been in the more traditional Trusted Advisor professions and roles, including:

  • Accountants
  • Lawyers & Solicitors
  • Financial Advisors

Others are in roles that are a new breed of Trusted Advisor, including:

  • Consultants – in management, business, finance, change etc
  • Senior Sales People, especially those who sell ‘strategic’ or mission-critical solutions to clients
  • Business Owners and Business Leaders who are delivering mission-critical services to clients.

And this pretty much covers the roles and titles of ALL the people who are my clients.


When do they become a client?

There is almost always a change taking place, or a challenge for people before they become a client. This includes:

  • Going independent after a career as an employee
  • Wanting to make a step-change – perhaps to director or NED
  • Needing to catch-up with market leaders – in order to maintain a market presence
  • Launching another initiative – for example a rebrand, exhibition or book-launch
  • To attract and win new clients – for example as a partner or independent consultant

Many clients have been referred to me.

Others I meet through networking and other events.

And some I make contact with directly through LinkedIn.


What is your role?

  • Would you like your clients to view you as a Trusted Advisor?
  • Or if they already do then what would help you to be more successful?


What brought you to this website and page?

  • What is your biggest challenge, or your challenge for today?
  • What answers were you hoping to find?


Let’s have a chat and see if we can help each other somehow.


I look forward to talking with you soon.