LinkedIn Lead Generation Company Page Image Mark Stonham Wurlwind

LinkedIn Company Page and Advertising – how to boost your business online

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from having a LinkedIn Company Page. As a minimum it’s having an entry or listing in the LinkedIn Company Directory. And it doesn’t cost money, just a little time to set it up. However, with a bit more time it can become another lead generation vehicle. Do you have […]

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5 types of people to connect with

LinkedIn Contacts Network – FIVE types of people we MUST have in our network

Our LinkedIn Contacts Network is the second pillar of Linkedin, after our personal profile. These are our 1st connections. The people we have most contact with through LinkedIn. And it is like having our address book on LinkedIn. But it’s so much more than that. Linkedin notifies us about (some of) the content they create […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Referral Marketing Image Mark Stonham Wurlwind

Referral Marketing and Customer Appreciation – Encouraging people to recommend you

Referral Marketing is one of the most powerful lead generation techniques for people running smaller businesses. It’s like having an unpaid sales team out there, listening out for signs from their clients and contacts. Personal recommendation makes the sales process much smoother. It’s easy to overlook the potential for referrals through LinkedIn. And there are […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Article Marketing Image Mark Stonham Wurlwind

Article Marketing – how to generate leads with articles in LinkedIn

The Internet has allowed everyone to become a publisher, including on LinkedIn, but it needs some smart article marketing techniques to stand out, get read, and convert readers into leads. LinkedIn Article Marketing Challenges There are many challenges when it comes to achieving a reasonable return when publishing articles in LinkedIn, including: Not all of […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Target Account Marketing Image Mark Stonham Wurlwind

Key Account Sales – developing multiple relationships using LinkedIn

Key Account Sales, Account-Based Marketing, Target Accounts, and other terms are used when selling to larger organisations. Deal values are usually larger, deals are complex, and usually involve several decision-makers. Starting and developing multiple sales relationships per company is an essential part of the process.  And this is where LinkedIn is very powerful. It helps […]

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7 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies Wurlwind LinkedWin Image

LinkedIn Lead Generation – 7 Strategies for Social Selling

If you sell to other businesses and want to increase sales and grow your business you’ll want to find out all about these Seven LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies.Using LinkedIn for lead generation, business development, marketing, selling and customer loyalty processes is incredibly beneficial. By connecting with your clients you’re a huge step closer to your […]

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