What would a High Performance Sales System do for your business?

High Performance System creates a winning teamTeamGB Olympic success is being attributed to the High Performance System that’s been developed, which inspired me to look at what makes up a High Performance Sales System.

How could this high performance approach and success translate to improve your sales performance, and the achievements of your business?

Here are just a few quotes from a recent article that really underpin the point.

“UK Sport has built a high performance system that is the envy of the world” Sir Chris Hoy
“We will further develop the high performance system to sustain the high performance legacy on to Rio and beyond” Liz Nicholl, Chief Executive of UK Sport
“The Government’s announcement to maintain funding in our high performance system demonstrates vision and commitment to sustain this level of high performance beyond London onto Rio and beyond – a true legacy of the Games.” Baroness Sue Campbell, Chair of UK Sport
Source: Number 10 Downing Street Website

Sure, you need athletes with ambition, passion and dedication. But perhaps these can be a product of a high performance system.

Basic requirements for a High Performance Sales System

A sales person and a business owner needs very similar attributes. Ambition. Passion. Dedication.

In sales you also need to identify a market with hungry buyers, to have a compelling customer value proposition and have great relationships.

All three of those can be an outcome of having a High Performance System for your business. But for now, let me bring the topic to a more down-to-earth level.

From the illustration above, getting systems right can have a dramatic positive impact. On the flip side, inappropriate, fragmented and disconnected systems can have many negative implications. With so much disruptive change taking place, there is a high risk that marketing, sales and business systems are becoming increasingly fragmented.

How to tell if your systems are holding you back

  • Do you have lists of contacts and connections in multiple places – on Gmail, Outlook, Excel, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, your Email Marketing System, your CRM?
  • Are you communicating in multiple ways – through meetings, phone, email, through various social media, SMS – and do you have a Single View of Customer or contact?
  • Are your appointments, to-dos and reminders spread across different diary and calendar systems – online, on your phone, in a paper diary?

If so, how much impact is this having on your personal and team productivity, on customer service, sales, prospecting and more?

Business issues caused by poor sales systems

  • Are you missing ring-backs, follow-ups, deadlines and are tasks falling through the cracks?
  • Is it difficult to find information about who said what to who when?
  • Are you fire-fighting your way to generate new leads, to win sales and look after customers and business partners?

It’s a challenge that I know personally, as I evaluate many new marketing and sales systems, and one that I encounter on a regular basis as a consultant.

The underlying cause of this fragmentation

The Internet is responsible for the sea-change in the way people buy. Buyers can research the market far better than has been possible before. Decision-makers and influencers can use search, social media networks and forums, as well as personal connections, and their options create the circumstances for fragmentation. Some buyers go this way, some go that way. How do you keep up?

As a supplier, failing to move with the times is not really a viable long-term option, as buyers move forward.

The Internet has also been the catalyst for a rapid rise in new applications, from Websites and email marketing, to Social Media and Video, and a multitude of apps, fueled by broadband and smartphones. Keeping abreast of these developments, never mind evaluating and implementing appropriate applications, is a recipe for taking the focus off the business priorities.

Although many new applications are available for ‘free’, the time cost of trial periods and the learning curve is costly. Beyond that, integration with other systems, data, reporting and more is often a bridge too far, especially for people running smaller businesses.

Are you looking for a simple sales system cure?

Despite what you might read about the capabilities of new systems, and their low cost, unfortunately there isn’t a simple cure. In many ways it would be easy to say ‘It’s an IT problem’. After all, the Internet is essentially IT. Broadband, telecommunications, smartphones, PCs and Apps are all IT ‘things’. And if you define it as an ‘IT’ problem it’s logical to turn to ‘IT’ to fix it. However, it’s the buyers who have changed behaviour, and the marketing and sales innovators who have designed the new applications. Therefore it is with business managers, especially in marketing and sales, to rethink their approach. To a greater or lesser extent this is essential, in order to remain competitive, given the changes in buyer behaviour. But that in itself creates a challenge – as it’s a distraction to understand the changes and opportunities, and map a way forward.

The value of finding a trusted guide

This is where business systems consultants have a valuable role to play. The innovations in marketing and sales thinking creates new opportunities to design marketing and sales processes that are more efficient and effective. This provides a blueprint to draw together the various elements of fragmented systems, data and processes in a way that adds value and creates a platform for the future.

For a larger company that may mean selecting best of breed systems for each area, and undertaking the integration. For smaller businesses it is more cost-effective to identify and select a system that provides a suite of capabilities with the integration effectively already designed in.

Wurlwind and High Performance Sales Systems

Through Wurlwind I offer a range of Review and Action Plan service packages that will help you to identify ways to move forward with your marketing and sales systems. One of the benefits is that I can help you to overcome the challenges caused by fragmentation, and get a better level of control over contact information, communications, activities and resources, leading to ongoing sales improvement.

Visit the Wurlwind Services page for more information.

I hope you enjoyed the Olympics and Paralympics.

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