Webinars for Lead Generation – Ten Benefits of Online Seminars

Are you using Webinars for Lead Generation yet? Read on to discover why you should,  or to find some additional benefits and ideas to encourage you to plan more webinars.

Why run Webinars for Lead Generation?

I attend quite a few events every month, in my business schedule, as I guess you do too. For me this includes national exhibitions and trade shows that run annually, quarterly local business exhibitions, professional groups meeting monthly, fortnightly breakfast networks and weekly team meetings.

Online meetings, such as webinars, tele-seminars and web conference calls are an increasing part of my schedule. I probably choose to attend 2-3 webinars a week on topics of specific interest to me and my business, and with business partners. Being in the fast moving world of marketing and sales apps and technology it’s a very cost and time effective way to keep up-to-date, especially with developments in the USA and the American market.

Switch this around, and webinars also offer a great way for businesses in most sectors to boost their marketing and sales results. Webinars have the potential to help businesses in many Business to Business (B2B) sectors, and not just for technology companies.

The top level benefits are to:

  • attract new prospects and find new customers
  • increase leads and sales
  • reduce costs of travel
  • save time spent traveling.

In the communications spectrum that spreads from meetings and events to phone calls and emails, webinars can be a very effective alternative for some of these activities.

Focusing on lead generation, webinars can be a very powerful tool in the marketing and sales armory, with the potential to help you to develop relationships and invite prospects into ‘your community’.

Ten Benefits of Webinars for Lead Generation

Here are just some of the many benefits that can be achieved through use of webinars as part of your marketing and sales activities.

  1. Build your market position – by taking a lead, choosing topics, organising and promoting webinars you are building or re-inforcing your market position as the expert or specialist in your chosen area
  2. Show your personality – as webinars are primarily audio you can put across more of your personality than you can in written words
  3. Engage prospects early – inviting prospects to a webinar can be a great door-opener as there’s value to the attendee but minimal risk or commitment
  4. Add value and create trust – structuring your presentation in a way that helps the attendee understand or tackle a challenge starts to position you as trusted adviser rather than sales person
  5. Reduce feast and famine – a regular program of webinars can provide an ongoing backbone to your lead generation. A combination of live and recorded sessions enables you to schedule them to run during your peak activity periods
  6. Schedule your resources better – a regular schedule of webinars allows you to plan and schedule the pre-webinar promotion and the post-webinar follow-up and to batch those activities to increase your productivity
  7. Reduced cost – conducting some early stage meetings as webinars with follow-up phone calls reduces the time and cost spent travelling
  8. Extend your geographic reach – niche markets over a wider distance can become economically viable if the cost and time of prospecting can be reduced by doing some through webinars
  9. Increase your focus on niches – you may be able to identify clusters of opportunity that would be expensive in time and cost to pursue as individual situations but collectively there are better rewards for your efforts
  10. Build relationships – personal invites to webinars can be a great door-opener and follow-up phone calls can be especially fruitful as people open up to your approach.

Unfortunately these benefits are also available to your competitors, so you might find you are competing against specialists from outside your traditional geography or market if they are taking advantage of relatively new marketing techniques such as webinars.

Wurlwind Webinar Series

At Wurlwind we try to practice what we preach, so, as an extension of the Funnel Friday blog and email communications we have recently started our own webinar series.

The topic for the first series of webinars covers the Six key steps in creating an Online Lead Generation campaign. There are six webinars in the series, scheduled to run on Friday mornings at 08:30 UK time for 30 minutes.

You can find additional information and Sign-up for the series or for individual webinars here.

If you’d like to brainstorm ideas for lead generation campaigns get in touch with me and let’s have a chat.

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