How to use LinkedIn to build your professional network

LinkedIn is the premier business and professional network, and can be very effective to find and create sales opportunities.

To find out how you could make more of LinkedIn take a look at my 10 minute video Slidecast below. It shows you how to develop your profile, manage and communicate with your contacts and generate inquiries.

If you are a sales professional, consultant, business owner, manager or director there are tips here that I’m sure you will find really useful.

Buyers are now researching options and potential suppliers through the Internet so it’s even more important that we position ourselves in the best possible way. LinkedIn can help our prospects and customers find, know, like and trust us if we learn to use it effectively.

LinkedIn can help us build social proof through testimonials, strengthen our reputations and credentials through answering questions, build relationships with contacts by adding value through email within LinkedIn to highlight just some of the benefits.

If you need help developing your profile and your professional network and then to generate inquiries and create opportunities, drop me a line and we can have a chat.


Published by Mark Stonham

I help Business Owners and Sales Leaders to improve lead generation and create new sales opportunities through effective use of LinkedIn for themselves and their business. Techniques include Targeting, Trigger Events and Re-Framing the proposition to start sales conversations. In particular I work with technology businesses, professional services firms and knowledge sector organisations.

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  1. Facebook has shown that socialnetworks are here to stay, in whatever guise that happens to be. The socialnetwork is perhaps going to transform our identities online, giving a real global village.

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