Trigger Events – what causes buyers to start looking for something new?

Trigger Events Mark Stonham Rainmaker BriefingsWhat happens way before you make a purchase? There was almost certainly a Trigger Event of some sort that moved you from Status Quo to researching and ultimately buying. The same applies to our B2B buyers. The rewards for identifying and creating Trigger Events are very high. Find out more about this below, and in this Rainmaker Briefing video.

Think about it – most of the time we are not looking or interested in buying – we have other priorities, and effective filters.

Then something happens and we go into research mode and ultimately make a decision.

I’ve identified 3 categories of Trigger Events, in the video.

I also offer tips on how to spot them, and develop them, so we have a much higher sales success rate.

And maybe we are able to create a Trigger Event, to raise the importance of something on a decision-makers to-do list.

This is a powerful business development skill that will help Rainmakers to grow existing clients and gain new ones.

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