LinkedIn Strategies - Sales Training and Consultancy from WurlwindSince 2010 I’ve developed, applied and written up many LinkedIn strategies, techniques and tips at the cutting edge of LinkedIn development.

This article highlights the top 10 LinkedIn strategies and articles from the Funnel Friday series. My aim is to help Sales People and Business Owners to identify ways they can use LinkedIn and get real benefit from this Social Network for professional.

10. An easy way to Connect with people you know on LinkedIn

This article highlights how you can import contact details from your email system into LinkedIn. However, there are also some words of caution, to avoid bringing over poor quality data. There is also another very useful tip at the end, relating to email marketing.

9. Top 5 skills listed in LinkedIn – Strategies and Tips To Find and Be Found

LinkedIn is a fantastic directory of people, which can be searched in many ways, skills being one of them. What skills do your customers look for and value? There’s a high likelihood that your prospects will look for them too. Take the opportunity to update the skills you list on your own profile, and the order they are displayed in.

8. LinkedIn Case Studies highlight Business Benefits achieved

It’s always interesting and enlightening to find out how other businesses are using and benefiting from new systems, and LinkedIn is no different. Do you have case studies for projects and benefits that your clients are enjoying? If so give them an airing on Linkedin to boost your social proof.

7. How to use Slideshare as one of your LinkedIn Strategies

Slideshare is a fantastic system to help you build your Authority and Generate Leads. LinkedIn now owns Slideshare. It’s exciting to see how the two are coming closer together. Slideshare is a professional social media network in its own right. It provides great way to showcase your expertise as an individual and company through presentations and slidecasts (audio presentations). And now, with the new Personal Profile design, the way Slideshare can be used within LinkedIn has changed, and significantly improved, creating a huge opportunity for sales people and business owners to showcase their expertise and for lead generation.

6. LinkedIn Search – tips to help you find great opportunities

LinkedIn search is a really powerful tool that allows you to make quick searches, to mine data within LinkedIn, and to receive alerts that keep you informed automatically and can trigger engagement opportunities. Understanding search also means you are better informed to optimise your profiles and to contribute in ways that increase the benefits you can achieve through LinkedIn.

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