Three easy ways a sales person can generate leads with LinkedIn

Three easy ways a sales person can generate leads with LinkedIn

prepared and presented by Mark Stonham – LinkedIn Trainer and Social Selling Consultant

The Sales Challenge if you’re to make quota

Cold Calling sucks … right. Warm calling is much more effective.

Leads from Marketing won’t Fill your Funnel. Treat these as a bonus.

You need to take the initiative. Create your own lead-generation system.

There’s no time for ‘Social’ fluff. You and your buyers are Crazy Busy.

You want to minimise delay and effort. It has to be simple.

You really want quick results. Leads the next day would be brilliant.

Then Pick and Apply one of these 3 techniques today

… and generate leads with LinkedIn now

… and start new sales conversations tomorrow

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into your Lead Capture Landing Page

  1. Outline your Value Proposition to your Prospects
  2. Create a clear opening sentence: Who, What, How
  3. Make it engaging, distinctive and memorable
  4. Introduce example trigger events that initiate research
  5. Highlight problems solved including your contribution
  6. Add proof about impact, outcomes and testimonials
  7. Add skills about your Customer Sector specialisation
  8. Include a clear Call to Action – to Connect with You!
  9. Include Introducers – ‘If you know someone who…
  10. AND Your Picture and Headline need to grab attention!

Use Slideshare for your simple ‘Lead Generation’ bait

  1. Pick a topic that is a priority for your prospects
  2. Make the front slide really clear and bold
  3. Engage rapidly with your audience (slide 2)
  4. Deliver value on next slides (slides 3-5)
  5. Add clear Call to Action and Incentive (slide 6)
  6. Add your contact details
  7. Upload the Slides to
  8. Add the Presentation to your LinkedIn profile

Email Groups of your LinkedIn contacts with Useful Information

  1. Nurture Relationships regularly with Valuable Content
  2. You can email up to 50 contacts a time within LinkedIn
  3. LinkedIn groups contacts by Company, Title or Location
  4. Or you can create Tag Groups for different interests
  5. Create your ‘News’ content incl. URLs in a Text Editor
  6. Get into ‘Message’ contacts and paste in your text
  7. Add an attractive and intriguing Subject line
  8. NOTE: Uncheck the ‘Allow recipients to see other’s email address.’
  9. Double check content and recipients, then Send
  10. Repeat for additional groups as appropriate

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