The Sales Funnel – what’s all the excitement about?

Business-to-business (B2B) and ‘considered purchase’ marketing and sales is going through a rapid evolution, or even a revolution.

New techniques and approaches, such as attraction marketing and lead nurture are gaining momentum in businesses large and small.

New tools are being launched or updated on a daily basis is seems, as major players like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Facebook in the Social Media sector ratchet ahead of each other to gain or maintain their market-leading position.

New tactics are evolving, such as social selling and lead scoring, to seek appropriate ways to engage with prospective buyers in the new media and to fine-tune the timing of lead follow-up contact with buyer interest and the buying cycle.

Together these are transforming the way marketers and sales people engage with prospects and turn leads into revenue.

A joined-up approach to B2B marketing and selling

The new B2B sales funnel takes a joined-up approach to marketing and sales to:

  • Increase marketing and sales efficiency and effectiveness
  • Engage with potential customers where they are
  • Align sales cycle activities with the buying cycle
  • Reduce sales leakage, by having effective lead follow-up
  • Blend traditional and off-line with online marketing techniques
  • Integrate multi-touch, multi-channel and multi-media communications activities
  • Maximise the return on resources, of time and money

This is a challenging agenda for large companies with the economies of scale to achieve a return on investment on the time spent investigating, selecting implementing and reviewing potentially multiple overlapping changes.

For people running or working in smaller companies the challenges to understand the agenda, prioritise and allocate resources and see projects through to completion are enormous. Meanwhile there is a business to run and customers to win and to look after.

Wurlwind Sales Funnel framework

Sales Funnel 2.0 Graphic - Attract Engage Nurture Sell Deliver

Wurlwind Sales Funnel 2.0 Stages

To simplify things, at Wurlwind we focus on FIVE stages in the marketing and sales cycle, or sales funnel:

  • Attract – essentially how you reach out and draw potential customers towards you
  • Engage – ways to encourage them to take the ‘next step’ and give you permission to follow-up
  • Nurture – a multi-touch sequence that ‘educates’ the prospect about how to overcome the ‘problems’ they are wrestling with
  • Sell – the close contact with sales-ready leads around matching your offer and value to what they want and need
  • Deliver – how you deliver value to new and existing customers, and encourage them to recommend you to others

The Sales Funnel is more than technology and techniques, it’s about people and processes as well, and getting the priorities right.

This underlies our ‘Review and Action Plan’ consultancy services, which are designed for busy owner managers and directors who need quick wins and not reports and grand strategies.

If you want to find out more about the Wurlwind Sales Funnel approach we’ll send you straight-forward, no-nonsense information about the updated Sales Funnel, (or Sales Funnel 2.0 as some are calling it).

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