The FIRST Step towards Creating New Opportunities…

How can we CREATE OPPORTUNITIES effectively?

Senior Professionals – whether independent or leading a firm – need to be able to gain clients and create opportunities. Being able to sow the seeds for an idea or an improvement, and generate pre-qualified appointments, is a technique I’ve developed. Take a look…




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Hi there/ Hello

Are you looking for a better way to gain new clients and create opportunities?

If so, when did you last review and improve your approach to Relationships? 

I’ve been looking for a breakthrough in this area, and believe I’ve now found one.

But before I outline what it is, I wanted to check if you have similar challenges to me.

All Businesses Need New Clients: It is a business truth that new clients are essential for ALL businesses, from self employed through to large corporations.

Senior Professionals are different: The way senior professionals generate leads is quite different to most other businesses – the retail stores or large corporates at the extremes.

In particular:

  • We have some very good relationships already, with happy clients and o
  • We may well have a reputation in our chosen market, and be known by others 
  • We may have a small addressable market – especially if we’ve identified a niche we’d like to dominate.

And our challenges include:

  • We have limited time and budget for marketing and sales activities.
  • Moving beyond our inner circle of close clients takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Some of the newer tools, especially LinkedIn, can be frustrating and feel like a waste of time. 

Having been training and supporting people in how to use LinkedIn since 2010 I’ve seen a huge change. And, believe me, even find the changes frustrating, and it’s disappointing when good features are taken away, and the nature of content and engagement changes dramatically.

Well, I believe I’ve come up with a way to leverage LinkedIn in a way that is applicable to senior professionals – like you, and like me.

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