Ten ways to use Linkedin to feed your Lead Generation Process

LinkedIn can be used in many ways to feed your lead generation process with new contacts.

You can then develop some contacts into leads and then nurture some of those into sales-ready opportunities.

Your goal might be just a couple of key contacts or a regular supply of new people, and your tactics will vary accordingly.

10 Ways to Extend your LinkedIn Network to Feed your Lead Generation

Here are 10 ways you can use LinkedIn to increase your network of contacts:

1. Approach/invite people in your wider network to connect, via a direct approach or via an introduction.
2. Approach/invite people in relevant groups where you both belong to connect.
3. Approach people outside your network on LinkedIn via the Inmail service.
4. Identify people through LinkedIn and find a way to connect outside of LinkedIn.
5. Be found as an individual on LinkedIn, through value, keywords, contributions etc.
6. Be found as a company, by setting up profile and adding your products and/or services.
7. Encourage people to recommend/endorse you, your company, your products/services on LinkedIn to notify others
8. Contribute to LinkedIn Group discussions on relevant topics to get attention and gain connection requests.
9. Advertise through LinkedIn to target specific audience profiles.
10. Start a group and develop contacts by taking the initiative and lead.

The number of and type of approach will most likely be a mix-and-match, finding what’s right for you, your company, your market and your target contacts.

Message Strategies that will Feed your Lead Generation

Overt sales promotions and ‘buy-now’ offers won’t be appreciated in the networking area of LinkedIn.

Framing your ‘offer’ as ‘tips’ or information relevant to your target prospects’ pain or aspiration works much better, to encourage people to commit to a small ‘next step’.

Use an ‘information offer’ to draw people onto your website/blog, especially to a landing page to capture their email address in exchange for an information base download and a regular follow-up communication.

LinkedIn has huge potential for many business-to-business (B2B) people and companies, as a way to feed the lead generation process and introduce new contacts into your sales funnel.

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