Ten LinkedIn Tips for December

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December is always a very busy month, so to help you make the most of the limited time available I’ve created a list of Ten LinkedIn Tips for December.

December is a time to be thankful and show appreciation, to customers, clients, people who’ve provided referrals, people who are 1st connections on LinkedIn and other business and professional connections.

If you complete some or all of these this month I’m sure you’ll see benefits straight away and going into next year.

My Best LinkedIn Tips for December

These suggestion and tips for December are ways you can be pro-active to show appreciation and give yourself a fast start for the new year.

  1. Send Christmas wishes to (some of) your connections through LinkedIn. This could include Commenting, Sharing or Liking one or more of their Posts and Status Updates. Maybe you can endorse their skills or even write them a recommendation.
  2. Create something of value for your contacts and connections, such as a topical article. Send a message to your best and valued contacts so they benefit directly and hopefully share it with their contacts.
  3. Export your LinkedIn Connections and segment and organise them in your CRM. I use Nimble CRM to organise my contacts. Christmas is a good time to do some house-keeping of contacts, make sure recent clients, referrers, and other valuable contacts are not overlooked.
  4. Review all your connections, batch by batch, and reconnect with long lost contacts. Take time to read their profiles, update details and categorisation, and send them good wishes too.
  5. Take a browser through LinkedIn Pulse (Posts), Influencers, Discussion Groups, Universities and more. You’ll be surprised at how rich the resources in LinkedIn are – and you can share, comment, follow and otherwise engage through LinkedIn, and be in a far stronger position for January.
  6. Update your LinkedIn personal profile. Add skills gained using the skills prompter in LinkedIn, and re-sequence them as well. Also add achievements made during the year into the Summary and Experience sections. And add new multi-media resources, yours or ones from trusted sources.
  7. Create or update your LinkedIn Company page. Check that staff are associated with the page. See who is Following the Page, and get in touch with some of them. 
  8. Prepare Status Updates to send out through December, and schedule them in Hootsuite.
  9. Review and update your profile on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Slideshare etc. Update the Website Address to link back to your LinkedIn Profile. Update wording too.
  10. Start planning a campaign for January to generate referrals, enquiries or leads so you can get a flying start early in January through LinkedIn.

There are many other social selling suggestions here on the Wurlwind website.

Have a great month.


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