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6 ways LinkedIn can help close a sale

Finding out how LinkedIn can help close a sale, and support day-to-day sales activity is where many sales people and business owners struggle to make the connection between Social and Selling. There are several ways you can use LinkedIn to help you to win business deals, especially larger ones. Here are six I’ve identified and […]

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Referral Marketing and Customer Appreciation

Ten LinkedIn Tips for December

December is always a very busy month, so to help you make the most of the limited time available I’ve created a list of Ten LinkedIn Tips for December. December is a time to be thankful and show appreciation, to customers, clients, people who’ve provided referrals, people who are 1st connections on LinkedIn and other […]

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An easy way to Connect with People you know on LinkedIn

Have you been able to connect with people you know on Linkedin yet? Have you been systematic about connecting? Connecting with people you know and do business with on LinkedIn has many benefits. But are you thoroughly connected to everyone you know? Unfortunately LinkedIn doesn’t provide an easy ‘100%’ tool for connections, as it does […]

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