Your LinkedIn Company Page – an important part of your digital strategy

Wurlwind Social Selling - LinkedIn Company Page
Businesses of all sizes, including solo-preneurs and SMEs, can benefit from having a well presented LinkedIn Company Page.

A good Company Page boosts your business credibility and can be part of your lead generation strategy.

As always, there’s a balance to be struck between effort and returns. But at a basic level, if you don’t put any effort into your LinkedIn Company Page you certainly won’t get any returns, which would be a missed opportunity.

And if there are several people in your team, a group of engaged customers, and some supporters or advocates, there are several ideas and strategies highlighted below to help you make the most of the potential here.

Quick start tips

With 7.5m company pages in LinkedIn it’s a very useful directory to find businesses, so make the most of this free listing capability.

  • Start by searching in the Company Page section for your specialisation and location, to see who your competition is.
  • Then make sure your Page has the maximum chance of being found and engaging with those visitors when they search the Linkedin Directory
  • Add status updates periodically that will inform and education people who Follow or who Find the page
  • Then, if you have the resources, actively grow the number of Followers, and their engagement, to spread your message more widely.

Start by scheduling a couple of hours to research and plan, then set-up or review and improve your Company Page.

Tips to progressively develop and gain more from your LinkedIn Company Page

1. As a passive Directory Entry in the LinkedIn Database

The first level is to position your company effectively on LinkedIn so it can be found and it makes a good impression on people who visit the page, and invites them to make an enquiry.

  • Include a wide range of keywords in your company page, for the sectors, services, specialisations and locations you cover, so you get found through Search
  • Add your phone number and email in the body copy as they are not in the standard fields, so people can contact you easily
  • Create and add a header graphic (700 x 400 pix) with a suitable image and overlay text to make a quick visual connection with people

A good approach is to highlight who you help, what situations they are in (trigger events) and what you help them to achieve, rather than listing all the products and services you offer. If people are interested they can visit your website to find out more, or they can call you.

2. As a communications channel to Followers

The second level is to post status updates periodically to stay front of mind with people who are following your page, and to make it worthwhile for others to follow.

  • Decide what content your Page Followers would be interested in – and put the substance of it on your website.
  • Use Page Updates to Attract, Engage and Signpost people through to your website, to blog posts, information pages and landing pages.
  • Include some Updates that are designed to create a discussion, by seeking feedback, opinions, being a bit controversial and creative

We recommend the Page content should be about what your business is doing, with minimal third party content. You can pre-schedule it using Hootsuite or similar, but monitor engagement and respond appropriately.

3. As a Customer Community

The third level, where resources and customer support allows, is to shift the focus to post purchase communication, to add value to customers and to project to prospects and others what it’s like to be a customer of your business.

  • Actively encourage customers to follow and to contribute and add their comments to Updates you post, and show appreciation when they do
  • Share tips about how to get value from your product or service, links to case studies, links to ‘how to’ videos, answers to questions that come into Customer Services etc.
  • Comment on Status Updates and Articles posted by decision-makers on LinkedIn

This will take more time, to share content and to interact, but the power of amplification can be incredible. At this level it may be worth using Showcase Pages to move very interactive discussions into their own area/channel and off the main Page Update stream.

Download our Pocket Guide to Social Selling

If you haven’t already done so get a copy of our guide, which covers more LinkedIn Tips and introduces the Social Selling Matrix.