Social Selling – evolution or revolution?

Social Selling ImageSocial Selling has become one of those phrases that generates some pretty strong reactions:

  • It’s a new band-wagon for people in the sales training and sales solutions market to latch on to – (guilty)
  • It’s an evolution in the sales approach, based on strategies and techniques to incorporate social media information and channels into selling activity.
  • It’s dismissed with some vigour by people who think it’s just a fad and it will some disappear without trace and business will continue as usual.

Social Selling evolution

Over the last 4 years I’ve seen a rapid evolution that I trace through to Social Selling.

  1. First there was Social Media – pure form teenage craze to share social news – the origins of Facebook.
  2. The development of Social Media for Business
  3. The departmentalisation of Social Media for Business into various forms:
  • Social Media for Sales – effectively Social Selling
  • Social Media for Marketing
  • Social Media for PR
  • Social Media for Research
  • and so on.

Social Selling maturity

As the social media march matures so I anticipate social selling will settle down too.

Social Selling will be a subset of sales and marketing. Social selling will become part of lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retention programs.

It will become part of direct sales, field sales, channel sales, and particularly inside sales.


Social selling does not exist in isolation

In the same way we use face to face meetings, online meetings. the telephone, email and more, so we will use Social Selling alongside email marketing, the website and more.

It will work alongside and support events and activities such as trade events, lead generation, product launches and more.

I had many opportunities to raise awareness and educate business owners, consultants, business leaders and sales teams about Social Selling.

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