LinkedIn Lead Generation and Social Selling Apps and Tools

Apps for Social Selling

LinkedIn provides many functions that support networking, but there are also a number of Social Selling Apps that increase sales productivity.

However, the picture is changing as LinkedIn is being cautious about which Apps can access its platform and data through the API.

There are many areas where LinkedIn is good, such as:

  • Who viewed my profile
  • Keep in Touch triggers for birthdays and anniversaries of your 1st level contact
  • Many sections on the Personal Profile that provide a rich canvas for Personal Branding
  • Search through the profiles database
  • Publish status updates, posts and articles
  • See who liked and commented on our Status Updates
  • Send messages to people

But there are other areas where is is weak, and this is where entrepreneurs have spotted opportunities to design and make apps available.

  • Listening in a more refined way – but here Sales Navigator offers some improved function
  • Messaging people in a productive way
  • Building a more comprehensive profile by combining other data sources
  • Managing a sales pipeline

There are several additional tools and apps for Social Selling that we use the increase productivity and results considerably.

Social Selling Apps

There has been an explosion in the number and variety of apps for Social Selling recently

The following are particularly useful, based on our personal experience:

  • Nimble Social CRM – for managing relationships and sales activities in the Social Selling environment
  • Hootsuite – for pre-scheduling content to be posted to LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Twitter and other Social Networks
  • DuxSoup – for viewing profiles in a more productive way, to generate look-backs
  • Contact Monkey – for tracking opens and clicks for emails sent through Gmail
  • Phrase Express – a Text expander
  • Canva – to create Images

Tools for Social Selling

Content is one of the most important tools you’ll need for Social Selling.

In particular you should be developing content for the following places:

  • Your personal LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • LinkedIn Status Updates
  • Long-form posts on LinkedIn
  • Presentations on Slideshare

Take a look around the website for more insight and guidance about how to make the most of LinkedIn.




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