Website and social media case study for the Mirifice project

Mirifice logo for social media case studyThis short website, integrated marketing and social media case study highlights the three major phases and deliverables of a project for Mirifice, a network monitoring software supplier based in Bath.

Mirifice engaged Mark Stonham, founder and lead consultant at Wurlwind, to help them develop their online marketing and lead generation systems.

Over a two year period there were three major projects undertaken and successfully completed.

  • The largest was the Mirifice website replacement and integration project
  • The second was developing and kicking off the Mirifice Social Media plan
  • The third was Mirifice company and Mirimon product marketing support

Paul Tinkler, founder of Mirifice, outlines how pleased he was with the way the project went, and with the deliverables and outcomes.

Watch the video and read our website and social media case study below.

Each of the three phases included many elements, the main ones being:

1. Website replacement and integration

The website replacement project started with a Website Review and Action Plan undertaken by Mark, and completed with the website going live in time for a European trade exhibition, about 12 weeks later. The project included:

  • Design of an integrated online marketing and lead generation platform for Mirifice, including:
    • various ways to generate traffic and visitors, such as Search and Social Media and offline methods
    • multiple inquiry capture pages, essentially one for each major decision-maker persona
    • email marketing automation, and Loopfuse was selected against the criteria set out
    • integration with, the CRM system already in use at Mirifice
    • use of Google Analytics for monitoring traffic and conversion and decision support for ongoing improvements
    • the preferred website CMS platform against the criteria was WordPress
  • A website brief was developed against this design, and a website design and build company was selected.
  • Mark was the project manager for the design and build of the crucial first phase of the overall design. This included:
    • Oversight of the scope of the first phase, against the brief
    • Input to and review of the templates, branding, imagery, navigation, etc.
    • Content migration, editing and new content creation
    • Basic set-up of the email automation system
    • Set up of Google Analytics
  • Mark also provided support during the exhibition, including:
    • Uploading details of inquiries gathered at the exhibition
    • Creation of follow-up emails, and tracking

2. The Social Media case study element

Alongside the website replacement Mark reviewed and updated the Mirifice Social Media presence. This included:

  • Review and update of LinkedIn profiles for key individuals
  • Creation of the Mirifice company profile on LinkedIn, along with product and service sections
  • Update and creation of Twitter accounts for key audiences
  • Plans to develop specific industry topics through the website, blog and Social Media, particularly using Twitter and LinkedIn

3. Company and Product Marketing

Prior to and as part of the website project, the Mirifice company proposition and product messaging was reviewed and refined, with assistance from Mark. This included:

  • review and update of product data sheets to emphasise benefits and gain greater consistency of layout and messaging
  • identify key decision-makers and persona, and crafting messages and copy to engage with their needs
  • keyword review and analysis to align and expand the key phrases with the likely search terms of potential buyers

As Paul emphasises in the video, he was delighted that the project came in on-time against a tight schedule, and under budget.

Mark has continued to provide support to Mirifice since the site went live, along with marketing advice and suggestions to assist the Mirifice team to make the most of the new online marketing platform, and develop through subsequent phases to capitalise on the initial investment.

About Mirifice:

Mirifice provides real-time, end-to-end monitoring solutions for television network operators in Cable, Satellite and IPTV. Mirifice improves Quality of Service (QoS), Quality of Experience (QoE), quality and reliability of set top boxes (STBs) and IDTVs and the services consumed through them.

NB. Mirifice evolved into in 2012.

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