There are many occasions when it’s natural and polite to say thank-you and show appreciation in our daily lives. When someone gives us something, holds a door open, when another driver is courteous, when staff in a shop or restaurant provide good service and so on we can show our gratitude.

Online etiquette is evolving, and in a business rather than purely social context there are many occasions and several ways to show appreciation. Here are some examples:

5 ways to show appreciation on Twitter

  1. Thanking people who follow you on Twitter, and follow them back is a starting point.
    • You can automate the follow-back and set up an auto message if you want.
  2. Thank people who have shared your content.
    • If they RT (ReTweet) your tweets it’s polite to acknowledge this. If you look at their Tweets and ReTweet something of theirs you are giving higher value thanks.
  3. Share content by others that is consistent with your ‘brand’.
    • You can do a straight RT (ReTweet) or an MT (Modified Tweet) if you make an amend, abbreviate or add a comment [Some people add comments in square brackets].
  4. Respond to genuine messages send to you, the @markjstonham type messages.
    • It’s a great way to start a conversation.
  5. Create a tweet on Friday including the #FF hashtag (short for ‘Follow Friday’)
    • This is a powerful way to show genuine thanks by indicating that you recommend others to check and follow the profile/person.

5 ways to show appreciation on LinkedIn

  1. Thank people for viewing your LinkedIn profile.
    • You do check, don’t you. Maybe ask if they were looking for something in particular.
  2. Endorsing skills on LinkedIn.
    • Some say this is being abused and is meaningless, but if others have lots and you don’t what does that say?
  3. Find their status updates on their profile and Like, comment on and share it
    • This alerts your followers to the content. If others share your content do thank them.
  4. Writing a testimonial for a person you know well on LinkedIn
    • This provides a valuable way to cement a relationship with suppliers, business partners and, at a stretch, with customers.
  5. Provide a recommendation for the services of a company you are pleased with.
    • This assumes organisation has a company page on LinkedIn and has listed their services.

Daily Praise and Thankfulness

Including a check and a response as part of your daily social media schedule will turn this into a regular habit. From small beginnings you should start to get noticed, and extend your network and get more dialogue going. As one thing leads to another you are on your way to finding or creating new opportunities.