Selling to other businesses

If you’re in sales then you’ll be VERY focused on this stage in the B2B sales cycle.

Your targets and financial compensation will be directly linked to how much you sell.

If you’ve been in sales for more than say 10 years you’ll recognsie that you could be pretty much in control of your own destiny, and income. Your prospects now have much greater access to information than ever before and, assuming they do their research, they are much more educated buyers. They may also be much further down the buying process by the time they make contact with your company, giving you less time to respond before the decision is made.

In a large company you’d try to negotiate a good territory, then identify major opportunities against the compensation plan, and be the conduit for relationships and information through to your prospects and contacts.

Selling in larger businesses

Today, in a successful large company, you’re increasingly dependent on a steady flow of sales-ready leads from marketing activity. There is less time than ever to be cold calling, warming up cool prospects, chasing outside possibilities or selling a proposition that doesn’t have clear benefits, USPs and market presence.

Your time needs to focus on where you add most value; whether that’s the bigger deals, multiple smaller deals, channel sales, spear-heading new launches or other significant opportunities, relating to your role and company.

Targets are larger, margins are thinner and leveraging the resources around you, either as a sales person or sales manager or director, is a big part of the success formula.

Selling in smaller businesses

If you’re working on your own, or you’re in charge of a small marketing and sales team, there are greater challenges due to the massive proliferation of marketing and sales techniques available, the speed of development and the lack of time. And your knowledge and ability to learn will be challenged, as will the decision-making process, evaluating options.

Managing the sales funnel, sales campaigns, bids, customers, sales processes, tracking KPIs, and maybe managing delivery too are just some of the activities competing for your time and attention. If it feels like you’re on a tread-mill that’s going every faster while also having ‘rocks’ thrown at you (like some TV games-show) you’re not alone.

Improving sales effectiveness

In order to maximise your value and leverage a quick way is to look at three aspects:

1. The person – this covers the personality profile and skills. If you want to check your profile, or those of your team, we’ve identified a very revealing assessment to help you identify what you do best, what is your natural core area are, and how the way you are ‘wired’ determines which role and style is best for you.

2. The process -is your sales process effective? This will help you improve sales results and also help you create time, by delegating, automating and out-sourcing what is outside the core and high value tasks.

3. The technology – few salespeople have a natural affinity with technology and applications. Therefore, in order to improve information access, collaboration, delegation, automation and outsourcing there’s a sensitivity needed to identify pragmatic solutions, and overcome some potential negative legacy from previous experience and projects. previous disappointments. resistance.

An independent  sales review and action plan by Wurlwind can reveal improvements, bottlenecks and introduce ideas and best practice from elsewhere to your B2B sales process.

Some key questions for you to consider at this stage:

  • Do you have a clear definition of the criteria that define a sales-ready lead?
  • Are other key people and areas in your business aware of, and bought-into, this definition?
  • Are you getting sufficient sales ready leads to make your numbers?
  • Do you have the tools and resources available to make you as productive as possible?
  • How recently did you review what you as a sales-person can delegate, automate or outsource?

Since you’re reading this there’s a likelihood that your searching for an improvement in your sales.

If you’d like to take a step towards improving your sales results then do get in touch with Wurlwind.

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