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Welcome to my office…

A convenient way to schedule a call is through the online booking system below.
You can see when I’m available and choose a time that suits you.
I’ve set up 1 hour blocks although calls probably won’t take that long.
This allows me some turn-around time between calls and contingency so I can start the next call on time.

Linkedin Review Calls

These Free calls are a good way for us to have an initial chat, and for you to gain some guidance about areas for improvement in your profile or activity.
I anticipate the review element will take about 20 minutes, going through a number of aspects on a Red, Amber or Green basis, highlighting What to improve.
Based on progress made during the review there may be scope and benefit to extend the call into an action plan discussion, providing advice on How to improve things.

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Interviews

If you’d like your profile professionally rewritten, including advice on positioning, personal branding and possibly career change, I suggest you allow 50 minutes for the call.
The various profile types, testimonials and examples are outlined here, if you’ve not come to this page from there.
The cost of profile rewrites start from £295, including background preparation, drafting, review(s) and posting changes.

LinkedIn Training and Social Selling Consultancy

If you’d like a training or consultancy call (ideally via Skype) please choose a time when we can talk for about 50 minutes.
The various training and consultancy topics are outlined here, if you’ve not come to this page from there.
The cost of the training and consultancy modules is £95, including preparation material and follow-up.

Enquiries and other calls

There are many other reasons why people want to have a chat so feel free to book a slot and add a reason and phone number if I don’t already have it.

If it’s more convenient to talk to me outside of these time slots please send an email to me, at, suggesting 2-3 times that suit you best and I’ll get back to you asap.

Meanwhile maybe my Virtual Assistant, Sally, can help you. Please be patient as she’s a bot and I’m training her. Your questions will help with that process.

I look forward to talking with you very soon.


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