“Now you have the business card…”

We all make lots of contacts at business networking events and in many other situations. We exchange business cards, but what next?

This presentation provides an end-to-end overview of the sales funnel, a proven method to develop new contacts into business opportunities.

The presentation brings out several key messages:

  • Three ingredients for success – your knowledge of your subject, your day to day sales habits and the support systems you have to help you.
  • Five key stages of a sale – attract prospects, engage with them, nurture them, transact with them and then deliver value to them.
  • Habits that are applicable are each stage to maximise your returns.
  • Systems, technology and applications that can be used at each stage to save you time and effort and increase your results.

This presentation, developed by Mark Stonham of Wurlwind and James White, CEO of Customers Really Matter, developers of the InTouch CRM platform, was very well received by an audience of entrepreneurs and owner managers from a range of smaller businesses at Network Central 2010 in Bristol on 9 July 2010.

Satisfied customers are the best source of future revenue, whether they buy again or refer other people to you. The second invoice is a mark of success and having a happy customer.

Published by Mark Stonham

I help Business Owners and Sales Leaders to improve lead generation and create new sales opportunities through effective use of LinkedIn for themselves and their business. Techniques include Targeting, Trigger Events and Re-Framing the proposition to start sales conversations. In particular I work with technology businesses, professional services firms and knowledge sector organisations.