Sales Relationships win deals

Wurlwind Social Selling - Sales RelationshipsQuick Tips:

1. Use LinkedIn as a research tool to find out about prospects at milestones in the buying process: especially before you have the first meeting, and before you start writing a significant bid or sales proposal. In particular look at who you have in common, as that could give you an inside track to gems that will improve your chances of winning the deal. This is one area where having a strong foundation network pays dividends.

2. Use LinkedIn as an additional way to keep in touch with customers and prospects. Even if they don’t give much away about themselves you can use LinkedIn as a channel through which to share news and insight with them, and pick up signals from various sources to inform your sales approach.


1. Buyers expect us to have done our homework before meetings and it allows us to be more professional, with the questions we ask and the insights that we share. When assessing whether to mount a significant sales activity such as a proposal or bid there is valuable insight to be gained by researching the company, department and key people through Social Media.

Recommended Actions:

For your next prospect meeting and quote/bid, take a few minutes to research the person/company on LinkedIn. You may be very surprised by what you find!

Additional Sales Relationship Tips

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