Sales Conversations – 5 steps to start them

To grow our businesses we’ll need to do some prospecting to find or create new sales opportunities sooner or later. Try this 5 step approach for a small audience of senior decision makers and see how you get on.

Growing current clients, referrals and enquiries may not be enough to maintain revenue let alone grow.

To summarise, these 5 steps are:

1. FIND a cluster of people using LinkedIn Search

2. Invite them to connect in a way that raises their AWARENESS of the topic, and positions you.

3. Respond when they connect with a message that generates INTEREST – in a better future.

4. Follow-up with a message that increases their DESIRE to change from their current situation.

5. Encourage them to take ACTION – to set up a 10 minute introductory phone call with you.

Done well this should earn you the right to ask some probing questions on the call – and then agree a next step with them.

Just completing the preparation I outline here might be quite educational and revealing too. Where are the ‘gaps’ you need to work on?

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