Rainmaker Recommended Reading

Books are an excellent source of ideas, approaches and techniques. They feed our minds, inspire and motivate us, and over time they help us to think differently and view situations with different eyes. And they also increase our range of tools and ability to take action.


Here are some of the books that I’ve found very helpful along my journey to becoming a better Rainmaker.


I hope you will find some inspiration and wisdom here too.


NB. This is an initial list and a bit of a Place-holder Page – pending further development & better presentation


The Trusted Advisor – David Maister


Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Dr Travis Bradberry


The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook – Charles H Green


The Challenger Sale – Matt Dixon & Brett Adamson


GAP Selling – Jim Keenan


Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson


Key Person of Influence – Daniel Priestley