What’s stopping you from becoming a Rainmaker?

You’re senior professional, a subject matter expert, delivering excellent client service, so what next...

What IS stopping you from progressing to the next level?

Maybe you think there are external factors – like the economy, or a lack of opportunities. But have you also considered that there may be some internal, personal reasons too?

  • Maybe you’re reluctant to take on the role of leader?

    Leadership can be daunting – with responsibilities – and some exposure.

    The reality is you’re probably a leader already, as a senior technical specialist. It’s just that your leadership domain is your specialisation. And that provides some comfort and safety behind ‘the facts’.

    But what happens when you’re asked to provide advice, a recommendation? Isn’t that actually a leadership act?

    And when that leads to a good outcome how does that make people feel? The client is delighted. Your bosses are too. And your colleagues. Does taking a leadership role like this make you feel good inside too?

  • Maybe you don’t need to win new clients?

    If you’re really busy with client work then congratulations.

    But when did you last analyse what you did with your time? Are there aspects of your role that you could delegate to others, maybe get an assistant?

    Freeing yourself of low value tasks will create time to focus on the higher value tasks.
    And one of these is the range of activities that lead to winning new clients.

    Do you think if you delegated tasks you could create time to win some new clients?

  • Maybe you don’t see ‘Winning clients’ as part of your job.

    It can be a comfortable life when people bring work to us. It makes us feel good, in demand, needed.

    But what if, for a host of reasons, that source of work dried up, what then? Where would you start looking for additional or new work?

    Let’s start with existing clients – there may be additional scope or an extension to an existing project – or an introduction to someone in a different area or department.

    For many senior professionals this is part of the Commercial Awareness they have developed – which you may well have too.

  • Perhaps you have a negative view of ‘sales’?

    You may have a perception that sales people are pushy, sleazy, maybe even dishonest And some of the techniques on display on the Internet may re-inforce your perception. But do you also know some good Account Managers who are professional and personable.

    Rainmakers have developed their craft – to win clients without using sleazy tactics. The reality is that there are many ways to win new clients in a professional way…
    … in ways that don’t go near the unprofessional, sleazy, underhand techniques.

  • Perhaps you don’t feel that you have the right personality.

    Sure, some Rainmakers are charismatic, extrovert leaders, and probably have been all their lives.

    But there are many other personality types who have found or developed their own techniques to win new clients.

    The key factor really is the desire. And this will lead to finding or developing an authentic approach.

  • Or is it that you don't feel you have the skills?

    My final point in highlighting what stops people becoming Rainmakers is actually the easiest to address.

    If the desire and attitude is right, and someone is willing to learn then the skills to become an effective Rainmaker can be mastered.

    Identify the ‘skills gap’ and following a pathway that is a good fit is a sensible approach.

So, what next?

Has this helped you to identify any areas that might be getting in your way – and stopping you progressing.
Are you prepared to push through any of these areas of resistance in order to develop your ability to win new clients?
How would it feel if you were a master of all three areas:
• Winning new clients – to develop your career, and grow your business
• Delighting your existing clients – and potentially earn greater fees
• Technical expertise and status as your reputation in your domain grows
If so then why not sign up below and I’ll take you further along the journey.

sign up below and I’ll take you further along the journey.

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