How to win new clients – and become a Rainmaker

Are you an ambitious senior professional – a subject matter expert – who wants more?

And are you finding it difficult to get to the next level of your career, or to grow your business?

– maybe you want promotion, to be a partner or director?

–  or to grow your own business?

– or to go independent and set-up your own business?

What’s your goal – on the other side of the Valley?


Do you feel comfortable where you are?

Or are you ambitious for more?

Or feel stuck in a rut, not developing, being taken for granted?

To be fair, it does take commitment and time to make progress more rapidly than natural evolution, (or waiting to fill dead men’s shoes).

How does it feel if you’re not making rapid progress?

Progress is a great motivator. And when we’re not making progress it can feel quite frustrating.

It can make us feel negative, overwhelmed, exhausted.

Do you feel stuck in a rut – working hard, day by day, year on year, but not achieving the progression you desire?

If so …

What’s the way forward?

You may have identified a number of options such as:

Work even harder?

Change company?

Change career?

Go it alone?

Go back to a ‘proper job’?


There are many options….

How do the next 10, 20, 30 years of your career look for you?

More of the same – at the same level, with the same challenges?

Feeling vulnerable and insecure – as younger people, technology and change erode your position?

Or stepping up a level – taking on new challenges, making progress?

Feeling confident and secure – as you grow personally and your achievements accelerate?

What have you achieved so far?

As an ambitious senior professional or business owner (such as a coach or consultant) I expect that you are:

  • Technically excellent in your specialist area.

You may be modest about this, but now is a good time to be grateful for and celebrate your achievement so far.

After all, you’ve passed a string of exams, you complete CPD and you read around your subject in order to stay current.

  • Impressive with clients and your professional relationships are pretty good

Clients appreciate your knowledge, your diagnostic approach and your advice. And also your friendly, helpful and generous personality no doubt.


But are these enough to get you to the next level?

The harsh reality is that those qualities are unlikely to be sufficient to get you to the next career level – to partner, director or successful business owner

If they were then you’d be right to ask

Why haven’t I reached Partner level yet’?


Why isn’t my business more successful?”

Which is perhaps why you’re reading this, yes?

But …

Here’s the crunch

And this is hard for some people to comprehend…

The approach that got you to senior professional level may now be preventing you from reaching the next level.

In order to go higher you’ll need to change gear, and change focus.

And the key is not just to develop your capabilities in the areas where you are already very good.

But to develop your capability in an additional area,

And the additional area is … well it’s actually in the title of this page … to…


Become better at winning new clients

The ability to bring in revenue for the firm, or your own business, is a very valuable skill and capability.

In some professional circles the phrase Rainmaker is used to describe someone who has the ability to win new clients.

Especially if they are able to do so without appearing to have to work particularly hard at it.

Are you ready to become a Rainmaker?

According to Wikipedia,

“In business, a rainmaker is a person who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic, since it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity is caused. It means generating substantial new business or additional cash flow from sources sometimes outside established business channels, sometimes by connecting with people in non-traditional or hidden markets, and sometimes by prompting current clients to spend more money. A rainmaker is usually a key figure in the business or organization, not merely a salesperson, but a principal or executive who is usually highly regarded within the enterprise. According to one view, the role of the rainmaker is to find a dormant business problem and then create a vision of what life could be like if that problem were solved.”

If you’ve watches ‘Suits’ on Netflix, the leading character, Harvey Specter, is a classic Rainmaker.

You may know people who already have this ability, or informal ‘title’.

Have you thought about how they do it?

And how they learned how to do what they do?

How about you….?

Would you like to have the ability to win new clients, alongside your fee earning role?

How would you feel if you had mastered all three capabilities?

The status of being an industry authority

The satisfaction of excellent relationships with clients

And the confidence of being able to attract, find and win new clients

Does this sound attractive?

Continue reading to find out how ….