Thank you for Signing Up to the Rainmaker Introduction Course

Welcome to the Rainmaker Introduction Course

The purpose of the sequence is to help you to Win new Clients and Become a Rainmaker

I’m delighted that you’re interested in this introduction.

Drop me an email if you have any questions, or book a call, especially if you’re interested in making rapid progress.

Here is an outline of the Course

1. Sow seeds to create opportunities
– building your market position – by sowing seeds
– based on foresight – what SHOULD people be concerned about
– in calls, meetings, small groups, networking, online

2. Listen for signs of germination, and respond
– develop antenna for when someone wants to change
– picking up on pain/gain or growth/improvement signals
– how those signs may appear, and what to do, and not do, when the occur

3. Nurture seedlings to ripeness
– a powerful technique to improve the quality of initial conversations
– ways you can add value to prospects through the relationship building process
– how to build your influence in a way that helps the prospect

4. Harvest with care
– how to reassure the prospect about your ability to help them achieve their outcomes
– a structure for a winning proposal for decision-makers
– a powerful technique to gain agreement to proceed

Each email outlines a short Exercise to encourage you to think and take action.

If you want to chat – about questions, or move faster to make progress quicker do book a call, below.