Rainmaker Briefings – helping senior professionals to Create Opportunities

Rainmaker Briefings Mark Stonham Banner GraphicIf you’re an ambitious senior professional you have probably identified how to be more successful. You know your subject area, you deliver excellent work for clients, relationships are great, and you’re probably a trusted advisor.

The next capability you probably recognise that you need is the ability to gain new fees, projects and clients. Since you’re reading this I guess you are curious – looking for ideas, guidance and inspiration.

A vital pivot to make is to become even more client focused – and focus on what they want to achieve, on where they want to get to – the other side of the valley as it were.

That’s where the Rainmaker Briefings, and the support behind them, can be really helpful.

Whether you’re running a services business and wanting to grow, or looking for promotion, or just investing in yourself, there’s a lot you can gain, from the Rainmaker Briefings, and from this Learning Network.

What is a Rainmaker?

If this term is new to you it refers to someone, usually a very senior professional such as a partner, director or business owner, who is able to win new clients seemingly with ease. They have the ability to spot and create new opportunities, in a way that goes beyond being a trusted advisor.

What are the Rainmaker Briefings?

Rainmaker Briefings are a series of Zoom Meetings where ambitious senior professionals can gain insight, advice and support to help them gain new projects and clients. Regular participants also benefit from the network of connections they develop.

Rainmaker Briefing benefits

  • A structured introduction to a range of relevant Business Development topics that are vital for rainmakers
  • The opportunity to discuss those topics with peers
  • Introductions and 1-to-1 Networking opportunities with peers
  • A structure to your week, which many working from home find valuable

What are the Rainmaker Briefings?

  • They are meetings over Zoom, led by me, Mark Stonham
  • They run 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:00 UK time.
  • There’s a 10-15 minute educational introduction to a Topic of the session. (see schedule below)
  • Then about 20 minutes discussion

What topics are covered by the Briefings?

The focus is Business Development and specifically on tips, techniques and strategies applicable to experienced subject matter experts and senior fee earners.

So, for example we look at 4 sources of business, using the GAIN acronym:

  • Grow existing clients
  • Attract new clients
  • Invite prospects to talk
  • Network for Referrals.

And the Briefings are structured into three streams:

  • Mondays are Start the Week and Rainmaker skills
  • Wednesdays are LinkedIn focused
  • Fridays are Sales Process and Sales Funnel focused.

Some people attend sessions in all three streams. Others pick one or two streams to reflect their current focus.

What are the costs?

Briefings during the first 3 weeks of each series are free – so people can assess the value as a guest.

Thereafter there is a nominal cost to ‘join’ – or to gain ongoing invites as part of one of the support programs below

Additional Rainmaker support available

In parallel I offer 3 support programs to provide additional training, coaching and mentoring to senior professionals on a 1 to 1 basis.

  • LinkedIn support – Positioning and Profile and training to use LinkedIn effectively as a Rainmaker
  • Sales Process coaching – to develop skills in the different stages of the sales process and sales funnel relevant to Rainmakers
  • Rainmaker mentoring – to develop the mindset, attitude and skills that are distinctive to Rainmakers

Rainmaker Briefings Schedule of dates and topics

For further Information

Contact me, Mark Stonham, if you’d like to create more opportunities for yourself and your business.

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Thanks you for taking the time to read this.

How best can I help you become a Rainmaker?


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