Purpose or Progress – which one are you focused on?


Are you on fire?

What about Passion?

Do you have a passion burning within you?

If not now, can you remember a time when you did have?

How does/did that make you feel?

Or are you ticking over, getting by, playing safe, being comfortable.

Right now I feel a passion burning within me – for the Rainmaker Project.

However, for longer than I care to remember I’ve been ticking over.

And, reflecting on the quote, my renewed Passion is a result of Purpose and Progress.

So, how did I re-kindle my Passion?

It came about through Progress that led to what I now feel is my Purpose.

What is my redefined Purpose?

In brief, I feel my purpose is – “To Develop Rainmakers”

And in Business a Rainmaker is someone who brings in high value clients.

Typically in the Professional Services or Knowledge Sectors.

So, they are typically:

– A Subject Matter Expert
– And a Trusted Advisor

They may work in a firm or company, or be running their own business.

However, they are not typically coming from a sales or business development background.

I realise I’ve been working with senior professionals who fit this profile for most of my career.

The challenge I feel personally now is to lead by example – to be a Rainmaker myself.

And I’m really looking forward to rising to the challenge.

What was the Progress or Journey?

How did I get to where I am today?

Key recent events in reverse sequence:

– I have now run 6 x Rainmaker Briefing Calls on Zoom – and the focus this has given me has been incredible.
I’ve been working ’til 11 pm. I’ve been semi-awake at 5 am with ideas swirling around my head.

– I started the Rainmaker Briefing calls as a Pro-active response to the Covid-19 lock-down & Work from Home restrictions
I felt I had something to offer to those people who were interested in the content and format I had in mind.

– I’ve been through a 3 month review and planning with a professional mentor/coach.
To identify and plan a way forward for the next 10 years, after 10 years solo.

– I’ve been a Linkedin Specialist for most of those 10 years, rewriting profiles and providing training
During which time I realised my experience was far broader than just LinkedIn.

– And before that a career in Business Development.

Frustrations along the way.

Yes, there have been many.

One of the big ones over the past few years has been a lack of progress.

Various things in life have led me to focus more on protecting what I have, rather than moving forward.

And the cumulative effect has been to erode a sense of progress, and also of purpose.

It has taken a monumental effort to break out of that downward spiral.

And I’m grateful to an inner circle of associates who have helped me through.

So, Purpose or Progress?

My experience and view is that…

When struggling, setting small goals, and achieving them, builds confidence and momentum to aim for bigger goals.

And Progress leads to discovery, or upgrading of, Purpose.

I hope that’s been helpful.

Drop me an email if you’d like a chat, or a listening ear.

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