Personal Branding – making the most of the LinkedIn Personal Profile

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The Internet and Social Media has changed our ability to find information, and also to publish information.

One significant area of this is our ability to publish information about ourselves, so that others can find, read and make decisions based on it.

This opens up the opportunity for personal branding for everyone – business leaders, sales leaders, business professionals.  

No longer is it just celebrities; politicians, sports personalities, film stars, pop stars and others who have access to vast audiences through media.

Whether your prime role is sales leader or business owner, there are several ways you can use LinkedIn to support your customer service and set up subsequent sales.

By investing a little time and thought we can all create and communicate a personal brand. For people in business this can be a huge benefit, in many many ways.

Quick start tips

LinkedIn is the principle place to publish the substance of our personal brands and establish our professional positioning.

  • Complete the background sections of your LinkedIn profile – your work history, education, qualifications, additional interests etc. as fully as possible
  • Create a Summary and Headline that is crafted for your audience and objectives and your specialisation and role
  • Add credentials through the company that you keep – your key connections, professional associations, groups and more
  • Share content that builds and enhances your positioning, to stay front-of-mind, start conversations and develop business relationships.

The mechanics of the LinkedIn Profile is about execution. The challenge for many is (re)defining our purpose, positioning and proposition for the brave new world of Social Selling.

LinkedIn Tips for a compelling Personal Profile

1. Getting the Profile basics right

A minimalist profile on LinkedIn is a missed opportunity, and could have negative consequences for your marketing, sales and customer relationships.

  • Follow the LinkedIn Prompts and complete the various section for education and previous work experience etc.
  • Check your profile settings so the ‘right’ things are visible and the sensitive things are hidden
  • Use the Skills section to find keywords relevant to your role and position, and add them to your profile and to the text sections of your profile so you show up higher in the search rankings.

Now is a good time to check out who is also in your space. Search within LinkedIn for your keywords and location, eg. LinkedIn Trainer Bristol for me.

2. Write a Summary and Headline appropriate to your role

LinkedIn is not just for CVs and Job-seekers, so set yourself apart by writing with the goal of being more successful in your current role rather than your next one.

  • If you’re a Business Leader outline the purpose of your business in a way that multiple audiences can identify with
  • If you’re a Sales Leader demonstrate your expertise in client areas by highlighting business issues/aspirations your current clients were facing/desiring that you’ve resolved/enabled
  • If you’re a fee earner or part of the delivery or support team outline your contribution to clients and support for your customer facing colleagues along with your subject matter expertise.

Find some of the thought leaders in your sector, particularly those in America, and see how they are describing what they do.

3. Now build in all the social proof you can

Spend a couple of hours adding layers of proof to your profile, to extend your reach and visibility and impact when people look at your profile

  • Invite customers, business partners and colleagues to provide testimonials about you, your expertise and your contribution
  • Join relevant groups, follow relevant influencers, connect with thought leaders in your market
  • Add media to various sections of your profile, from your company website, your hard drive, and from authority sources in your market

The power of LinkedIn lets us go beyond What we know, through Who we know, to Who knows us.  Kick-start that process as soon as you can, and build on it periodically.

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