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Quick check to see if you have a Professional LinkedIn Profile:

These tips, along with LinkedIn Tips to get to 100%, will give you a good profile, but it’s just the start:
1. Do you have a Photo that is recognisably you in a suitable professional setting, and do you look friendly and credible?

2. Does your Headline make an impact – is it customer benefits oriented including your key skills?

3. Are your contact details in your LinkedIn Profile complete and accurate?

Three Advanced Profiles for Three company roles:

Business Leader Profile

The Chairman, Chief Executive, Managing Director or Business Owner deserves a profile that speaks to multiple audiences which may well include Customers, Prospects, Staff, Recruits, Suppliers, Channel partners, Investors, Media and more.
We see this as opportunity to put forward the vision of the business, the ‘why’, the noble cause, and to outline a future oriented ambition, presented from the personal perspective of the leader.
There are several techniques we’ve developed to help leaders to define this, if they haven’t done so already.

Sales Leaders Profile

The Sales Director, New Business Sales people and business development and lead generation people benefit from a client oriented profile, not just one that talks to their sales skills and successes, that a traditional CV might.
Identifying with decision-makers, highlighting circumstances that are trigger events to move from the status quo to solution investigation are part of this.
Identifying ideal referrals is another aspect, where referrals might be within their organisation or as an introduction to someone in a different company.

Business Professional Profile

Senior and junior colleagues, such as heads of department, sales account managers, support staff and fee earners have expertise that benefits customers, prospects and the company, and it’s a loss when it’s not effectively displayed.
Even if the profile of the person is passive and not being actively added to through status updates etc. there are benefits to showing technical specialisations backed up by evidence of contribution to clients and to clear understanding of the value of the role in the team.


1. Your Picture makes an emotional connection, and is an anchor across multiple social networks and your website too. My recommendation is a Head & Shoulders portrait picture, business casual or dressed more smartly, and above all, look interested and interesting, which you can easily do with a smile.

2. Your Headline is the description about you that shows up in search listings, LinkedIn Group Member lists, Company Employee lists, when you visit peoples profiles, when you comment in discussions. The words in it also contribute to the keyword rankings that help you to get found in LinkedIn. There are 120 characters, so make the most of them!

3. Would you hand out a business card with key information missing or inaccurate? I’m shocked by the number of LinkedIn Profiles that are neither complete nor accurate. 10 minutes work will sort this out. There are 5 fields to focus on: Profile URL, Email address, Phone, Postal Address and Website Addresses.

The short video here explains and shows you how you update each of these fields.

Additional Personal Branding and Personal Profile Tips:

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