2 Relationship Development Strategy Concept

Of course, relationships really matter,

but the smart people are changing tack…

Is now a good time to review your Relationship Development Strategy?

Let me encourage you …

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Of course, people buy from people – especially when it comes to professional services.

And the Know, Like and Trust sequence still applies.

BUT it’s so difficult these days:

  • We’re all very busy, trying to get more done in less time.
  • Face to face networking opportunities have ceased, and Zoom is not the same!
  • The clock speed and cycle time has increased phenomenally

So how can we build relationships in a “Better, Faster, Cheaper” way?

There are far more tools available – which is a curse as well as a blessing.

The multi-touch, multi-channel, multi-media message sounds plausible, but in practice it can seem overwhelming, to set up, to create content, and to keep publishing, following up, reaching out etc. 

And in the search for productivity the use of automation can be really counter productive.

I’ve been looking for ‘the answer, – or at least the next iteration – at the front of the market.

And I believe I have something that is ground-breaking for senior professionals.

But before I come to that, a bit about me (forgive me if you know this already):

  • My mission now is to help senior professionals to create opportunities – to take ideas out to targeted people, and to listen for latent needs – using the strapline of Developing Rainmakers.
  • I went solo in 2009, and after initial ‘adjustments’ got into LinkedIn and social selling – and teaching and helping senior professionals how to use LinkedIn effectively.
  • My background is business development, initially with IBM for 10 years, with a focus on commercial systems (AS/400), financial services (HBOS, BUPA, Prudential + other clients) and then technology for sales & marketing (Email Marketing, Web Content management), with spells in Product Marketing, Partner management and Sales Management.

During my career I tallied up over 30 6 and 7 figure deals and relationships, plus hundreds of smaller ones. So, I’ve had quite a lot of experience developing senior level relationships.

However, I wouldn’t consider myself a natural at relationships. I’ve had to work hard at them.

I was a shy reclusive teenager. I blossomed when I left my 1st job at Lloyds Bank and went to University in Manchester. I joined the Hiking Club (600 members), and was elected Chair. Then in Bristol I was elected chair of a volunteer group (60 members), and then Chair of CIM Bristol (1200 members).

Why am I saying this?

Well, I’ve had to work at developing relationships. 

And through conversations, I think that’s fairly typical of most senior professionals.

We have to work at relationships. Particularly us men.

So, to summarise

  • The world is changing rapidly – as Covid especially is a catalyst for change
  • Technology is advancing rapidly – especially in marketing and sales areas
  • Relationships matter, but they don’t come easy/naturally for a lot of us

Can you relate to this?

If so, would you like an insight into a technique for creating and developing professional relationships in a way that aligns with the future environment and technology?

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