A New Way for Senior Professionals

to Generate Leads

If you're struggling to create new opportunities

take a look at this video and message...

Thank you for staying with me this far.

At this point I’m going to reward your time by revealing a powerful new way for you to....

  • Start Conversations
  • Develop Relationships at speed
  • To Establish Authority
  • Build Trust
  • and Generate High Quality B2B Leads

Would that be valuable to you?

If so then let me explain, briefly...

That you are EXPERIENCING the process. 🙂 Right now.

You’re now on Step 4 - of an Eight Step Process.

  • It started with the Invite - which you may have received by email, LN message, phone  or in some other way
  • I then posed the context - the way LinkedIn has changed
  • I then highlighted a New Concept - of Relationships, and outlined up my credentials
  • And now, here’s the reveal...

And this has take - what 8 minutes of your time. In ONE session.

  • I’ve not Bribed you with a piece of ‘Valuable Content’, a webinar invite, to sign up to an email sequence.
  • I’ve not taken several days /several touches to get to the point.
  • You’re here because you’ve chosen to make 4 clicks…

So now, here’s the $64k question - do you think this approach is work considering for your lead generation?  

Hopefully you’re sufficiently inquisitive to want to consider it.

After all - creating opportunities and creating leads is pretty important.

Lead generation is tough - it’s a crowded market, where it’s difficult to gain cut-through

You’re busy, and don’t have time for multi-touch early stage relationship building

You’d prefer to invest your time on those relationships that mattered.

And when you did need to create new opportunities you’d like a QUICK TURNAROIUND.

I could go on, but I hope you get the point.

Anyway, you’re on Step 4 and there are 4 to go.

So let me outline what you have to ‘look forward to …’

Step 5 - On the next page there’s a short quiz - 4 questions, multiple choice - that is intended to get you thinking about some strengths, and weaknesses. Take a look, and decide if you’d like to share your answers with me - they’ll certainly help on the next step, which is…

Step 6 - Booking an initial chat with me. Well, it’s actually a bit more than a chat. I call it a Discovery Call. It’s a way for us both to assess if there’s a good fit between us, and if so, what the next steps are to maximise the results you’re looking for.

Step 7 - Once you’ve booked your Discovery call the next page will give you access to a more detailed questionnaire, covering things like Who your Ideal Client is, What your value is etc.

Step 8 - The Discovery Call itself. Hopefully by then you’ll have found out a bit more about me, from LinkedIn, my website, my YouTube channel etc. On the call I’d like to understand what you’re aiming to achieve, and how relationship development and lead generation fits within that. Also, what you’re doing on LinkedIn and your relationship development process. 

I’ll then be able to identify some appropriate next steps, and ways that I could help.

There’s no charge for the call. 

It’s completely confidential. 

And I guarantee that you’ll gain at least one idea that will significantly help your business growth.

Are you ready to take the next step, and look at the short questionnaire?

Do you Trust me sufficiently? 

Or will you at least give me the benefit of the doubt?