Stand Out in a Crowd

Online lead generation – 10 strategies to STAND OUT in a Crowd

Stand Out in a CrowdHow do you get noticed by the right people, and increase the effectiveness of your online lead generation activities?

Here are 10 strategies to help you to think SMART and be CREATIVE to get yourself, your customer value proposition or your offer noticed.

And to clarify the purpose, the Call to Action (CTA) at this stage is ‘Talk To Me’ rather than ‘Buy My Stuff’.

This is the final part of this mini-series on online lead generation from Wurlwind.

Ten online lead generation strategies to get you noticed

Many online strategies have parallels with the animal kingdom and face to face networking events:

  1. Be a larger fish in a smaller pond – there are literally hundreds if not thousands of places where your prospects might hang-out online, and offline for that matter. Industry specific and obscure trade associations might be applicable for vertical markets, a medium that has gone out of favour might be another, such as old-fashion letters.
  2. Be more brightly coloured – literally and metaphorically – is your profile picture bright and engaging, is you website, literature, email template and logo vibrant, is your personal and written tone of voice lively, enthusiastic and energetic?
  3. Be louder than others – volume and saturation may still applicable, especially at critical times such as product launches where being everywhere has benefits.
  4. Be taller than others – ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ can be a smart move, so if there’s a gorilla or elephant in your market then riding on their name and reputation may help you increase your exposure, as long as you don’t upset them.
  5. Behave differently – perhaps you have a talent for using humour, telling jokes, amusing anecdotes or stories, or being chivalrous and flattering others and thanking them for favours.
  6. Be better qualified than others – having a verifiable qualification, or a recent award can help you stand out from the crowd
  7. Get to know the host – editors of publications, major bloggers, forum moderators and people in similar roles are useful to get to know
  8. Become an unofficial host – welcome newcomers to the room, forum, social network etc, and help them to feel welcome
  9. Invite people to an important event or group – reaching out with a relevant invitation and introducing your prospects to a group or community, online or offline can have a big benefit. Even if the invite isn’t taken up a genuine approach shows you care.
  10. Work the room as a team – collaboration and joint ventures with reciprocal introductions can be very powerful and productive in business circles.

And, whether or not you can apply these to your business and promotion, the bottom line might just be that you have to work harder as well as smarter in order to achieve your goals, for your lead generation campaign as well as for your business.

Good luck, and may your star shine brightly.


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