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What’s Stopping you from getting more from LinkedIn?

Discover how to get more from LinkedIn, as an Expert or a Specialist.LinkedWin Self Assessment What's stopping you graphic

LinkedIn has HUGE potential to help us Attract, Find and Engage Clients, and WIN business.

However there are many reasons why we may be frustrated and disappointed. 

As an Expert you know how to advise clients in your specialist area.

But you’re not necessarily an expert when it comes to Business Development and LinkedIn

Which is where I can help you

Which is why I’ve developed the LinkedWIN Self-Assessment.


What’s the Weakest Link for you when it comes to LinkedIn?

In other areas of our lives, one mistake can be expensive!

  • ONE poor shot can spoil a golf score, especially by the time we’ve recovered from it
  • ONE wrong ingredient can ruin the taste or texture of a meal, and offend our guests
  • ONE bad note can spoil an outstanding music performance or recording
  • ONE bad judgement while driving can cause a car accident, with serious consequences
  • ONE poor message can cause a prospect to disqualify us from their supplier list

Preventing or avoiding mistakes is wise. Which is where experience and training matters.

With LinkedIn and Business Development it’s not easy for us to identify what’s letting us down. 

That’s why I’ve designed and developed this LinkedWIN Self-Assessment tool.

Don’t let the fear of making a mistake on LinkedIn stop you from trying…

What’s the Value of Identifying and Fixing your weak link?

How valuable would it be to identify the ONE THING that could be holding back your LinkedIn and Business Development results?

Like the proverbial CHAIN – it’s the ONE WEAK LINK that negates the strength of all the other links.

For example, at a high level, what if your …

Goals were driving your LinkedIn Business Development efforts, reducing wasted time?

Activity on LinkedIn was far more effective and productive, generating enquiries and referrals?

Identity and Value was communicated far more powerfully through LinkedIn, enhancing your reputation?

Network was full of your Ideal Clients, Partners and Role Models, enhancing your Net-Worth?

There’s a lot to GAIN by taking the self-assessment.

Hello, I’m Mark Stonham

I’m an experienced Business Development Professional.

And I’m an established independent LinkedIn Specialist.

I help Experts and Specialists to be more successful with and through LinkedIn.

I provide advice on Business Development strategy, Personal Branding and LinkedIn Training.

Find out more about me on LinkedIn and on this website.

LinkedWIN Self-Assessment – just TEN questions

I’ve narrowed the assessment down to just 10 questions.

Use the Radio Buttons to give yourself a score from 1-10 on each question.

Then just look at the spread of your answers – you might be amazed by what you see…

NB. The results are best viewed when accessed from a PC rather than a mobile phone.

LinkedWIN Self-Assessment Scoring Guidance

The scoring I suggest you use for the 10 topics is:

  1. Barely considered or thought about.
  2. Considered, but fairly vague and ill-defined.
  3. Defined and can be described, if asked.
  4. Defined and documented, as a strategy.
  5. Defined and documented, with a plan to develop/deliver it
  6. Some progress being made along the planned direction.
  7. Good progress being made, and it’s being communicated with others.
  8. Good results are being achieved and others are seeing this.
  9. Consistent results achieved, which are reviewed and refinements are being made.
  10. Outstanding design, execution is embedded and consistent results are being achieved.

Give it a go…

… you may be about to discover something that makes a real difference to your success! 


START the LinkedWIN Self-Assessment here:

1. Goals - how well defined, documented, planned, communicated, executed and reviewed are your Goals?
2. Value - how clear is your Value to Clients? What do you find easy to do, based on how you think, and the way your brain is wired? And how clearly is this communicated to your target audience(s)?
3. Proof - how substantial is the proof of your capabilities? Does it include qualifications, testimonials, case studies with outcomes, published papers and more? How visible is this proof of your value?
4. Story - how well developed is your story? How engaging, powerful, memorable and shareable is it? And how frequently do you share it with key people to educate them?
5. Ideal Client - how specific are you about who your ideal client is, and the issues or aspirations that you help them tackle or achieve? Do people in your network know what an ideal referral for you is?
6. Role Models - have you identified relevant role models who your target audience admire and respect? How much are you learning from them, and associating with them?
7. Partners - how well developed is your network of partners? Are you investing in and benefiting from being part of a virtual team? How valuable are your joint projects, on a two-way basis?
8. Processes - how well defined and executed are your daily, weekly and monthly LinkedIn and Business Development processes? Are you regularly enhancing your reputation, developing your network and building your sales pipeline?
9. Projects - how well structured are your Business Development Projects and Campaigns? Are you regularly boosting your network, content, engagement and reputation?
10. Technology - how well defined, documented, planned, communicated, executed and reviewed are your Apps, Tools and Tech for Business Development?

I hope you found the questions and process useful. To make it more valuable...

  • Look at the LOW scores.    Can you identify actions to improve these areas quickly?
  • Look at the HIGH scores.   Congratulations!   Can you raise other areas to a similar level?

For an email copy for your records enter your Name and Email below, then Submit your answers to me.

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And now you’ve identified priority areas for improvement …

… how about some guidance on how to tackle them?

Schedule a Call with me, Mark Stonham, here…

I can give you advice and recommendations that will save you time and help you improve your results rapidly.

To your success…


Mark Stonham

LinkedIn Business Development Specialist

Helping Experts, Specialists and Trusted Advisors to be more Successful  

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