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How to Get Much More from LinkedIn

LinkedIn has HUGE potential to help us Attract, Find and Engage Clients, and WIN business.

However there are many reasons why we may be frustrated and disappointed. 

As an Expert you know how to advise clients in your specialist area.

But you’re not necessarily an expert when it comes to Business Development and LinkedIn

Which is where I can help you

Which is why I’ve developed the LinkedWIN Self-Assessment.


What’s the Weakest Link for you when it comes to LinkedIn?

With LinkedIn and Business Development it’s not easy for us to identify what’s letting us down. 

We’re too close to our own activity.

Which is where an independent view, from a Critical Friend, a Trusted Advisor, really makes a difference.

That’s why I’ve designed and developed this LinkedWIN Self-Assessment tool.

Don’t let the fear of making a mistake on LinkedIn stop you from trying…

What’s the Value of Identifying and Fixing your weak link?

How valuable would it be to identify the ONE THING that could be holding back your LinkedIn and Business Development results?

Like the proverbial CHAIN – it’s the ONE WEAK LINK that negates the strength of all the other links.

For example, at a high level, what if your …

Goals were driving your LinkedIn Business Development efforts, reducing wasted time?

Relationship Building Activity on LinkedIn was far more effective and productive, generating enquiries and referrals?

Identity, Personal Brand and Value was communicated far more powerfully through LinkedIn, enhancing your reputation?

Network Growth was focused on your Ideal Clients, Partners and Role Models, enhancing your Net-Worth?

There’s a lot to GAIN by taking the self-assessment.

Hello, I’m Mark Stonham

I’m an experienced Business Development Professional.

And I’m an established independent LinkedIn Specialist.

I help Experts and Specialists to be more successful with and through LinkedIn.

I provide advice on Business Development strategy, Personal Branding and LinkedIn Training.

Find out more about me on LinkedIn and on this website.

LinkedWIN Self-Assessment – just FOUR questions

I’ve narrowed the assessment down to just 4 questions.

Use the Radio Buttons to rate yourself, from Poor to Outstanding.

Then just look at the spread of your answers – you might be amazed by what you see…

NB. The results are best viewed when accessed from a PC rather than a mobile phone.

Give it a go…

… you may be about to discover something that makes a real difference to your success! 


START the LinkedWIN Self-Assessment here:

Click the NEXT button to see the FIRST question

Select a Radio Button for each question

Click NEXT below the progress bar for the next screen.


GOALS - how clear are you about your GOALS? Think of Goals not just in terms of Revenue but also Purpose, Positioning, Sales goals, Asset creation and Learning. How clear are you about your goals? How inspiring are they? And how well do they guide your decisions?


RELATIONSHIP development - how clear is your Relationship Building Strategy? Have you identified segments of contacts? Do you have a goal per segment? And a contact frequency? An mix of channels? And key messages to communicate? 


IDENTITY and Personal Branding - how clear are you about your IDENTITY? Think of your identity not just as your specialisation and expertise, but your value to clients, your proof and your story. How clear is your Personal Brand to others? How effectively do you communicate it? How memorable are you?


NETWORK growth - how clear are you about who you need in your network in order to achieve your goals? Who is your ideal client? What partners will you work with? Which role models can you learn from and associate with? How active are you at inviting people to connect on LinkedIn?

Congratulations - you've finished the self-assessment.

Did you find the questions thought-provoking, to help you assess your business development.

The clearer you are in each of these areas the more you'll be able to get value from LinkedIn.

And now, why not get a copy of your results so you can develop an action plan to improve...

Get your LinkedWIN results below...

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To your success...


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And now you’ve identified priority areas for improvement …

… how about some guidance on how to tackle them?

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To your success…


Mark Stonham

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