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What’s Stopping you getting more from LinkedIn?

Take this short self-assessment to find out:

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GOALS - think of Goals not just in terms of Revenue but also Purpose, Positioning, Sales Activity, Asset creation and Learning. How clear are you about your goals, how inspiring are they, and how well do they guide your decisions?


VALUE - how clear is your Value to Clients? How well do you understand your specialisation and expertise, and how clearly and comprehensively do you communicate it to others?


PROOF - how substantial is the proof of your capabilities for the specialist area you are now focusing on? Does it include qualifications, testimonials, case studies with outcomes, published papers and more? How visible is this proof of your value?


STORY - how well developed is your story? How engaging, powerful, memorable and shareable is it? And how frequently do you share it with key people to educate them?


IDEAL CLIENT - how specific are you about who your ideal client is, and the issues or aspirations that you help them tackle or achieve? Do people in your network know what an ideal referral for you is?


ROLE MODELS - have you identified relevant role models who your target audience admire and respect? How much are you learning from them, and associating with them?


PARTNERS - how well developed is your network of partners? Are you investing in and benefiting from being part of a virtual team? How valuable are your joint projects, on a two-way basis?


PROCESSES - how well defined, documented, planned, communicated, executed and reviewed are your Business Development and Linkedin Processes?


PROJECTS - how well defined, documented, planned, communicated, executed and reviewed are your Business Development Projects and Campaigns?


TECHNOLOGY - how well defined, documented, planned, communicated, executed and reviewed are your Apps, Tools and Tech for Business Development?

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Did you find the questions thought-provoking, to help you assess your business development.

The clearer you are in each of these areas the more you'll be able to get value from LinkedIn.

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