LinkedIn Training Testimonials for Mark Stonham

LinkedWin Logo - for LinkedIn Training Testimonials page for WurlwindVarious people have kindly provided LinkedIn Training Testimonials for the LinkedIn courses delivered by Mark Stonham and Wurlwind.

Here are a selection of the written LinkedIn Training testimonials we’ve received.

There are Video Testimonials to view here too.

If you’re looking for LinkedIn Training this is now delivered in two ways:

LinkedIn training for Individuals – delivered over skype worldwide.
LinkedIn training for businesses and organisations – delivered on their premises.

Customer feedback and LinkedIn Training testimonials.

Jules Appleby LinkedIn Profile Image

I attended Mark’s LinkedIn Masterclass. Since then Mark has been happy to help with my own LinkedIn profile and answering many LinkedIn questions. Not only is he highly professional and personable, but a true fountain of LinkedIn knowledge. This, combined with his industry and sales experience, makes him a very valuable person to have in my network.

Ian Dodd LinkedIn Portrait Image

Mark’s LinkedIn Masterclass made me realise what a great business tool LinkedIn can be, and it is not just a “Facebook” for professionals. I would and will advise any owner/ MD of a small business to attend.

Martin Evans LinkedIn Profile Picture

Great practical advice from a clear expert in LinkedIn

Emma Phelan LinkedIn Profile Picture

If you are looking at Social Selling this course will get the fundamentals under your belt and is a good base to start your lead generation.

Jamie Coles LinkedIn Profile Picture

Very good coverage of LinkedIn functions and some additional ideas of how to get more from the solution.

David Tovey LinkedIn Image

I thought I knew LinkedIn inside out but I have learned so much from Mark today. It’s been a really worthwhile investment of my time.

Lizz Wookey Linkedin Image

Think you are a LinkedIn expert? I learnt loads on Mark’s LinkedIn Masterclass, I really enjoyed it and thought his delivery was exceptional.

Bonnie Thomas LinkedIn Image

Thank you for a very useful day taking me through LinkedIn. I feel as though I have learned the tricks of the trade, but more importantly I now have the confidence to have a go!

Helen Cornes LinkedIn Image

I really enjoyed this course. A good overview of what LinkedIn can be used for, and now I feel confident to start using LinkedIn for my company.

Richard Roberts EnRich Portrait Image

Highly recommend this LinkedIn workshop which covers all you need to know about maximising the benefit you can get from LinkedIn. Nice lunch too.

Alison Griffin Morsecurity Portrait Image

LinkedIn made Simple.

Paul Mcdonald LinkedIn Portrait Image

I knew LinkedIn was valuable to my company but could not see how. Mark’s LinkedIn training has simply shown me and my colleagues how valuable to growth it is!

William Montgomery LinkedIn Portrait

First class overview of LinkedIn and its place in the sales process and how to maximise the benefits. Mark is very knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommended.

Tom Dent LinkedIn Portrait

Excellent LinkedIn course which was easy to digest, with the confidence of what Mark offers and delivers.

Rachael Budd LinkedIn Portrait

Fantastic day of LinkedIn Training – above and beyond my expectations. I will be implementing it all.

Andy Clarke LinkedIn Portrait

The LinkedIn Masterclass was a sensibly packed day of incredible value. Now my mind is ticking to the ‘art of the possible’ and I need to focus on doing it.

Alex McArthur LinkedIn Portrait

Great practical tips to take away from the Masterclass to help me get the most out of LinkedIn. Thank-you!

Tom Hampton LinkedIn Portrait

A fantastic and hugely informative day. Mark really knows LinkedIn and has a great way of getting his message across.

June Hampton LinkedIn Portrait

On the Masterclass I learnt lots about LinkedIn and how it can help me build my business.

Elaine Brown LinkedIn Image

Excellent course to develop and implement a strategy to use LinkedIn to build and develop sales contacts.

Jon Rogers LinkedIn Image

Friendly and educative. Full of practical advice and suggestions. I would recommend this course.

David Johnson LinkedIn Portrait

Very informative and thought-provoking day to progress my marketing using LinkedIn.

Elliott Porter LinkedIn Portrait

Very informative day with valuable direction to improve my LinkedIn activity.

James Brown LinkedIn Portrait

A day well spent away from the office on Mark’s LinkedIn Masterclass

Mike Smee LinkedIn Portrait

Mark’s methods of strategic planning and tactical execution for service marketing via LinkedIn were a real eye-opener. I’m sure it will be of huge benefit to me and my team.

Walter Dirks LinkedIn Portrait

Very helpful, informative and encouraging LinkedIn course.

Clare Davis LinkedIn Portrait

Very detailed course. A real insight into what I should be doing on LinkedIn. I definitely recommend this course.

Bob Kennedy LinkedIn Portrait

Mark uses his hands-on experience to convey LinkedIn in a clear and simple way.

Mike Wills Linkedin Portrait

Mark, What a day! A treasure trove of information, processes and tips about LinkedIn for Sales. My brain is bursting with ideas. More of the same please.

Tom Mornement Linkedin Portrait

I highly recommend Mark’s LinkedIn course. Not only is it very well researched, delivered and informative it is also done in a way that is engaging and thought provoking. There are quick wins that you can take away with you but on Mark’s course there is also depth and thinking that helped me realise what else I could do with LinkedIn.

Ben Wheeler Linkedin Portrait

Mark put together a very thorough LinkedIn course. Mark’s reputation on LinkedIn is very well known and I can see why. If you think you know LinkedIn you might think again after talking to Mark.  He taught me many new features of this ever changing network and it was time very well spent.

Pat Thomas Linkedin Portrait

I didn’t believe the difference that updating my LinkedIn profile could make until Mark’s workshop. I’ve now seen direct results from focusing what I say about myself and my company. The difference to my income and bottom line is well worth the effort- a really excellent return on my investment. Thank you Mark and Wurlwind

Martin Hughes Linkedin Portrait

This course has been of immense benefit to my understanding and use of LinkedIn. I had never really “got” what LinkedIn was capable of and how it can be utilised properly but Mark’s training on LinkedIn has unlocked many features & strategies that I never knew existed. I am now a true convert!

Kevin Sowden Linkedin Portrait

A wealth of information and guidance that will really help us to focus our efforts.

Graham Hall Linkedin Portrait

The masterclass gave me the broad overview of how to use this powerful tool – as well as some nifty little tricks I wouldn’t find in 10 years of working with LinkedIn.

Duncan Laker Linkedin Portrait

The hours with Mark will save me days of wasted fiddling. I am confident that I can now use LinkedIn effectively.

Tina Parker Linkedin Portrait

The amount of knowledge that Mark has on LinkedIn is incredible. He carefully explained every area. I was blown away at how much I did not know. If you want to make LinkedIn work for you and your business I suggest you have a chat with Mark.

Kathryn Parker Linkedin Portrait

Really informative day. I was concerned whether I’d understand, however Mark provided straight forward approaches (particularly for my organisation) which I know will be invaluable in the future.

This is an excellent and easy to understand course, priced very reasonably and in a great location. It easily delivers the value needed to invest the money and time required. I found it really helpful.

I would recommend anyone attending this course that is serious about their LinkedIn presence and wanting to get ahead of the game with the platform. I found it invaluable.

Matthew Ruddle - intouchcrm

Having recently attended one of Mark’s LinkedIn courses, I can honestly say, it was great. I’ve been on LinkedIn since 2008 and it’s been something I toyed with but hadn’t invested a lot of time in – that is something that will be changing following Mark’s course. I would highly recommend anyone in business to book a place!

Sara Cottrell High Growth Knowledge

I thoroughly recommend Mark’s great LinkedIn for Sales training programme. It is jam-packed with hints, tips and good solid advice. Anyone who is looking to really get the best out of LinkedIn to support their business growth through sales should speak to Mark.

Kim Jones High Growth Knowledge

I attended Mark’s workshop on LinkedIn for Sales People and Business Owners in November. It was a real wurlwind experience of LinkedIn from an expert user. Using real world examples and my own profile and company pages I found the workshop highly practical. I would recommend attending for B2B professionals.

Janice Malschuk Science City Bristol

I would definitely recommend this LinkedIn course. There is so much to learn about LinkedIn and Mark knows just the right areas to focus on in order to get the best out of it for you. We learnt some great techniques and had time during the session to implement changes and improvements. A must for all professionals.

Helene Russell

Very practical and helpful LinkedIn workshop. Good handouts.

Mark Ashdown Eyesoft

I highly recommend Mark’s LinkedIn course. I found each session invaluable. I thought I was a fairly experienced LinkedIn user, but soon found that there was a lot more to learn at all levels. I have now started to apply the lessons learned and am starting to see a real, positive impact on both my profile and on my business.

Paul Hawkings

I would recommend Mark’s LinkedIn Masterclass course. The course catered for everyone’s needs and we learnt different approaches depending on our requirements. The course had excellent content and clear hand-outs so that we could concentrate on the learning our way around the application and not spend time taking excessive notes.

Tony Coll

Three cheers for Mark Stonham! This is an excellent workshop and particularly recommended for people who think they know everything there is to know about LinkedIn. I defy anyone to attend this fascinating session without having at least one new dimension added to their understanding of this amazing business tool.

Linkedwin LinkedIn Review Masthead Image