LinkedIn Training Testimonials for Mark Stonham

I engaged Mark to review my profile and provide guidance on how to get more from LinkedIn. After 2 x 50 minute calls I now have a much better understanding of LinkedIn, a much clearer profile and improved personal branding. Mark’s recommendations and suggestions were very on-point and clear during the calls and in the follow-up emails. I highly recommend Mark and his telephone-based consultancy and training.
Ed Norton Cycle UK LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark has provided LinkedIn support and training to 3radical in 3 phases over 3 years now. I chose Mark initially having worked with him at Alterian and because his focus is on how LinkedIn can be used by sales and business development people. His advice and support for the senior sales team has been excellent, helping us improve our understanding of LinkedIn for sales, improving our profiles, and helping us focus our time and attention on Linkedin related activities that move each person forward and help them achieve their goals. His experience as a B2B software sales person shows through, especially in the examples, advice and recommendations he has made. He has also been very flexible around our needs and has earned the respect of the team.

David Eldridge LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark is the go-to LinkedIn guru! I was very impressed with his 1 to 1 training and support calls. He applies a wealth of marketing expertise and insights. They will revolutionise your understandings of how your audience thinks. He will help you make your unique voice and message be heard and accessible in an engaging and transformative way. Notably he is generous with his time and follows through on his client’s development which is a particularly rare find in this busy digital world. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse his skills.

Ralph Mann LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark approached me at an exhibition and outlined the benefits of also having a great LinkedIn profile to support our efforts. I engaged Mark to rewrite my Personal LinkedIn Profile and two company pages, and I’m delighted with the results. I’m adding a third business to my portfolio and have asked Mark to create a Page for that business too. He is also providing advice and training to help the team to promote the businesses through LinkedIn. He really knows how to maximise the use of LinkedIn.

Jeff Cox LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark worked with me to improve my use of LinkedIn, and the results have been fantastic. Mark made some excellent suggestions, and his advice and guidance has certainly resulted in me making more meaningful connections. I thoroughly recommend working with Mark.

Martin Jermyn LinkedIn Profile Image

I thoroughly recommend Mark. I was needing a fresh look at my LinkedIn profile and some help on ways to use LinkedIn. Mark was very effective and efficient in reviewing a long CV and getting the key points into an interesting performance-based profile. Mark then provided a wide range of key pointers on how to use LinkedIn more effectively. Thank you Mark!

David Gardner LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark helped me turn my LinkedIn profile from a rather dreary job description into something which I hope shows who I am and what I do. It’s a bit of a work in progress and I still have to implement a couple of his suggestions, but it’s clear he really knows his stuff and he’s good at getting what it is you do quickly. I’d recommend him.

Caroline Gourlay LinkedIn Profile Image

I had a very useful discussion and online training session with Mark, which helped me develop my use of LinkedIn as a means of communicating with contacts and potential clients. He suggested lots of ways to add to my profile so that it better reflects my business and makes it more effective at communicating what I do. Time very well spent.

Michael Feakes LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark provided a bespoke training course, which was informative and to the point. I worked on an article afterwards and followed his recommendations – which saw a three-fold boost in readers. I’d recommend working with Mark if you would like to boost your LinkedIn profile and posts.

Angela Belassie LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark has been enlightening and helpful with my whole approach to Linkedin – from my overall strategy (including my why), drafting the LinkedIn Profile and follow-on LinkedIn coaching sessions. With his extensive experience working with people who market their services he is able to challenge effectively to drill into what sets us apart from everyone else. I happily recommend Mark and his professional services.

Mike Kemball Linkedin Profile Image

Mark gave a presentation on LinkedIn to the Bristol Small Business Forum. He covered some areas that I had absolutely no knowledge of. I came away from his talk inspired to action and with a lot of ideas to take forward.
His knowledge of LinkedIn is really phenomenal and his powers of analysis mean that he can identify individual needs very quickly to find the appropriate solution.

Kate McEwan LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark ran a half day intro to LinkedIn course for a client of mine and it was spot on. He understands how LinkedIn works and got that information across in a gentle way. Great course, great content, great delivery.

Rob Hook LinkedIn Profile Photo

I would like to say a very big “Thank You” to Mark. He presented at a Barclays Networking Event to over 40 people. The presentation was very engaging and I believe that everyone in the room learned a lot. Hopefully I can persuade him to do another for us in 2016. If you want to learn more about Linkedin then Mark is your man.

Jenny Trapnell LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark ran a LinkedIn training course for me and my team and then rewrote several of our LinkedIn profiles. The course gave us a great understanding of LinkedIn and several techniques for lead generation, and I’m delighted with the new profiles and still get tips from Mark from time to time.

Phil O'Brien LinkedIn Profile Photo

We’ve been learning about LinkedIn and Social Selling from Mark at a workshop this afternoon. His Social Selling Matrix is an excellent structure to build reputation and referrals, and much more.

Peter Quintana LinkedIn Image

I looked at my LinkedIn profile recently and thought how good it was. Then I remembered that Mark had written it for me over a year ago. I’m really impressed that it is still relevant and appropriate. Mark certainly captured the essence of what I do and wrote a profile that has stood the test of time and is proving to be an excellent investment for me.

Gary McGeorge LinkedIn Image

Thank you for running the LinkedIn and Social Selling training course for us. I learned a lot about how powerful LinkedIn can be and your explanations will help us to maximize our search for prospects and partners. And our profiles look much better after you rewrote them.

Jean marc Penelon LinkedIn Image

A friendly and helpful solution to those looking for advice and training to help get more from LinkedIn. We looked at how to develop my profile, support our other marketing activity and generate inquiries. Mark’s advice about using LinkedIn to start conversations was particularly valuable. Not only that, he’s a thoroughly decent bloke.

Matt Goulette LinkedIn Portrait Image

I invited Mark to run a LinkedIn training course at RAU to senior managers, academics and staff in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship. We learned how to make use of LinkedIn to raise our individual profiles and attract and support students and alumni. The session opened our eyes to huge possibilities. I found it very worthwhile.

Lorna Collins RAU portrait image

I knew LinkedIn was valuable to my company but could not see how. Mark’s LinkedIn training has simply shown me and my colleagues how valuable to growth it is!

Paul Mcdonald LinkedIn Portrait Image

Mark made my LinkedIn account very user-friendly. Excellent LinkedIn Masterclass course. Thoroughly recommended.

Alasdair Johnston LinkedIn Image

We employed Mark’s services to kick-start our use of LinkedIn and Twitter. I can thoroughly recommend Mark’s services to anyone who feels they need to “get unstuck” in this important area of their business.

Mike Punter LinkedIn Image

I am very happy to recommend Mark and his LinkedIn Training and Consultancy Services. We brought Mark in to help me and one of my senior team get more from LinkedIn. He gave us a number of tips on how we should use Linked in more effectively. Mark also helped us improve our profiles and create a company page profile. Well worth the time and investment if you’re keen to get more from LinkedIn.