LinkedIn Training from Mark Stonham

What do you want to know about LinkedIn?

Chances are your question(s) fall into one of these 3 areas:

  • WHY use LinkedIn – the benefits
  • WHAT can I do in LinkedIn – the overview
  • HOW to use LinkedIn – the specifics

I’ve been training business professionals and teams in how to use LinkedIn since 2012. Over the years I’ve trained and briefed thousands of people, helping them develop the knowledge and skills to get more from LinkedIn.

To be fair, there are far more people offering Linkedin training now than when I started. And the LinkedIn platform has changed. And the uses that people make of LinkedIn have developed too.

For these reasons I’ve updated and refreshed my training approach, in order to stay at the leading edge, especially for my target audience of experts and specialists.

What I believe makes my LinkedWIN training unique is that I incorporate my business development experience into the process. This makes it particularly applicable to experts and specialists – whether they are self-employed, employed or are business leaders.

LinkedIn and Business Development Training for Individuals

The internet and social media is having a profound effect on the way that people and businesses buy advice, expertise and professional services.

And this create a great opportunity for experts and specialists.

People in roles including Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Solution Sales Professionals, Senior Professional Services people, Interim Managers, and similar, whether self-employed or employed or business leaders.

However, to be fair, it’s not a ‘free lunch’. There may not be much direct cost to use LinkedIn. However it does take time and know-how to generate results.

And this is the core of the LinkedWIN training I’ve created. I recognise that most of us operate on a “Do-it-yourself” basis, with limited time and resources. It combines a pragmatic, “right-sized” approach to business development for experts and specialists.

LinkedIn Training Workshops in Bristol

For experts and specialists around the Greater Bristol area I run regular (monthly) workshops. There are advantages of being with others, and the discussion is really beneficial for attendees. People have attended from Bath, Weston-super-mare, Gloucester, Swindon, Cardiff and also London, Kent, Suffolk, Birmingham previously. Check out the course and dates here:

LinkedIn Training via Skype

I’ve introduced this bite-sized training specifically for busy experts and specialists. It is tailored to specific topics relevant to the ‘attendee’, and especially to their role, experteinec etc. I have a knack of identifying the ‘One Big Thing’ that will make a difference for people.

This 1-to-1 training format is an ideal opportunity to cover a specific area, at a time that suits the client and avoids the need for travel. It also means I can offer this to international clients and reach a global audience potentially.

Check out the suggested topics here – or ask me about something else you’d like to have covered.

LinkedIn and Social Selling Training for Companies

With a company there are typically two groups of people who are looking for training, and I cater for them in the core courses I offer. If a company has an established and effective marketing and sales operations plan then I will support that with specific Linkedin training.

However many companies also value advice on Social Selling, and how LinkedIn and other B2B social media can be leveraged as part of an improved approach to sales operations.

For the management team and employees there is the:

For the sales team and sales support there is the:

Company courses are delivered either on the company premises, for businesses in the Greater Bristol and the South West area.

Or they can be delivered via video conference facilities using Skype or similar.

For further information about LinkedIn Training

Do check out the outline of the different courses, and look at the testimonials on this and related pages.

And do contact me (Mark Stonham) with questions, for clarification or to check on costs and availability.