Mark Stonham Inviting you ro Cross the BridgeAre you an ambitious Senior Professional with a desire to be even more successful?


Do you want to step up a level in your career, your firm, or your own business?

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a metaphor for the Journey I help my clients make.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was not just a brilliant engineer.

He also understood WHY people wanted to ‘cross the valley’.

And he gained the backing of stakeholders to deliver the results.

What’s on the ‘other side of the valley’ for you?

Promotion – to Partner?

Start or Grow your own Business?

Job Security – Status – Money – Control – Freedom?

What’s the NEXT STEP on your Journey?

1. A Stronger LinkedIn Profile

Positioning for the next level is so important. And where better to start than in LinkedIn.

To move higher it's essential to make a Vital Pivot in positioning.

... find out how to make The Vital Pivot here...

2. More ‘Discovery’ Conversations

What do clients (and future clients) REALLY want to achieve?

Creating MORE opportunities to have BETTER discovery calls is the second step on the Journey.

... find out how to Create and Conduct better Discovery Calls...

3. GAIN more Clients

What does it take for a client to trust us to lead them from where they are to where they want to get to?

Perhaps being a Trusted Advisor is sufficient. Maybe it takes a little more to be a RAINMAKER.

... find out how to become a (better) Rainmaker...
David Tovey LinkedIn Image

I thought I knew LinkedIn inside out but I have learned so much from Mark today. It’s been a really worthwhile investment of my time.

Peter Quintana LinkedIn Image

We’ve been learning about LinkedIn and Social Selling from Mark at a workshop this afternoon. His Social Selling Matrix is an excellent structure to build reputation and referrals, and much more.

David Monks LinkedIn Profile Picture

Following expert advice from Mark (a LinkedIn guru) and we’ve moved into top gear in our sales researching through using LinkedIn much more intelligently and with much better LinkedIn Profiles for the senior team.

Hi, I’m Mark Stonham

Mark Stonham Rainmaker Bristol Headshot

My mission is to help ambitious Senior Professionals to be even more successful.

My clients are mainly people whose clients view them as Trusted Advisors.

People who help their clients to make better decisions, and guide and support them during change.

People who are Accountant, Lawyers, Consultants, Independent Business Owners and similar.

My background is over 30 years in solution sales, business development, sales management.

And I've been an independent consultant specialising in LinkedIn and Social Selling since 2009.

And in 2020 I'm on a new mission - to Develop Rainmakers - hence the waterproof hat ;-)

Contact me via... View MARK STONHAM's profile on LinkedIn or: or: @markjstonham
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