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Hi, I’m Mark Stonham

Meet Mark Stonham LinkedIn Trainer Wurlwind

My mission is to help Specialists (like Consultants and Business Owners) to be more successful.

My clients are mainly people whose clients view them as Trusted Advisors, people who help them to make decisions.

I advise, train and help them leverage LinkedIn for Business Development.

I rewrite LinkedIn Profiles, deliver LinkedIn Training and provide Business Development support.

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View MARK STONHAM's profile on LinkedIn or: or: @markjstonham

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Customer Testimonials for my

LinkedIn Profile Writing, LinkedIn Training and  Social Selling Consultancy

Sharon Critchlow LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark did an excellent job of distilling the elements of my portfolio career in to succinct and readable content. He bravely held me to account for the input I needed to make to ensure it occurred in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with the outcome.

David Eldridge LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark has provided LinkedIn support and training to 3radical in 3 phases over 3 years now. I chose Mark initially having worked with him at Alterian and because his focus is on how LinkedIn can be used by sales and business development people. His advice and support for the senior sales team has been excellent, helping us improve our understanding of LinkedIn for sales, improving our profiles, and helping us focus our time and attention on Linkedin related activities that move each person forward and help them achieve their goals. His experience as a B2B software sales person shows through, especially in the examples, advice and recommendations he has made. He has also been very flexible around our needs and has earned the respect of the team.

Pradeep Agarwal LinkedIn Profile Image

I found Mark through LinkedIn as I was looking for someone to help me update my LinkedIn profile to re-position me as a senior business development leader. Mark identified my strength in market entry and building businesses and structured my profile around that. He also spotted that the 4, 40, 400 strategy I’ve developed for go-to-market situations is a strong talking point with the people I now want to connect with. Mark added huge insight and challenged my thinking to achieve clarity and direction. I recommend Mark very highly.

Martin Jermyn LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark worked with me to improve my use of LinkedIn, and the results have been fantastic. Mark made some excellent suggestions, and his advice and guidance has certainly resulted in me making more meaningful connections. I thoroughly recommend working with Mark.

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