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My mission is to help Experts and Specialists to be more successful. My clients are mainly consultants and people in trusted advisor roles who help people make decisions. I advise, train and help them leverage LinkedIn for Business Development. I rewrite LinkedIn Profiles, deliver LinkedIn Training and provide Business Development support. I've developed the LinkedWIN self-assessment tool to help experts identify weak links in their business development and where to focus their time to find and win new clients and grow their businesses. Check it out...

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Customer Testimonials for my

LinkedIn Profile Writing, LinkedIn Training and  Social Selling Consultancy

Martin Jermyn LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark worked with me to improve my use of LinkedIn, and the results have been fantastic. Mark made some excellent suggestions, and his advice and guidance has certainly resulted in me making more meaningful connections. I thoroughly recommend working with Mark.

David Gardner LinkedIn Profile Image

I thoroughly recommend Mark. I was needing a fresh look at my LinkedIn profile and some help on ways to use LinkedIn. Mark was very effective and efficient in reviewing a long CV and getting the key points into an interesting performance-based profile. Mark then provided a wide range of key pointers on how to use LinkedIn more effectively. Thank you Mark!

Andrew Fisher LinkedIn Profile Image

I have worked with Mark over the last three years. He is skillful at listening and word-smithing at pace and with minimal fuss. Great results delivered quickly and professionally. I would thoroughly recommend Mark’s work. 

Mike Kemball Linkedin Profile Image

Mark has been enlightening and helpful with my whole approach to Linkedin – from my overall strategy (including my why), drafting the LinkedIn Profile and follow-on LinkedIn coaching sessions. With his extensive experience working with people who market their services he is able to challenge effectively to drill into what sets us apart from everyone else. I happily recommend Mark and his professional services.

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