LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates – tips to help you get started

If you have a large following for your LinkedIn Company Page then LinkedIn Targeted Status Update feature will be really helpful for you.

This allows you to target your Company Status updates to relevant groups of people who are following your company page.

Watch this 2 minute video to find out how.

Action steps to use LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates

You know LinkedIn is a great way to reach a professional and business audience, so try these three steps to increase the benefits you achieve through this high quality network.

  1. Decide that you want to position your company as the expert in your chosen field and a valuable authority and ‘Go-to’ organisation
  2. Give your company page on LinkedIn a make-over, to include products and services
  3. Actively seek endorsements for products and services from your happy customers
  4. Encourage more of your contacts to follow your company page, via your website, emails, staff, social research and more
  5. Provide people who are interested with a clear ‘next step’ to take from your status updates and information and landing pages
  6. Send out Status Updates regularly through LinkedIn, to share hints and tips, links to resources (yours and a few third party links), case studies, How to … information and more
  7. Send occasional promotional messages, to draw people into your lead generation landing pages and your sales funnel
  8. When you have sufficient followers on your Company Page you can start to send LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates to sub-groups of them.

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