Social Selling Case Studies for Business Owners

Social Selling doesn’t so much change WHAT you do, but it changes HOW you do it.

Social media creates many new methods to reach your customers and prospects and market in ways that keeps step with how your buyers are now buying, and has the potential to put you ahead of your competitors. These case studies illustrate how other small and mid-sized businesses are improving their sales and marketing, and the results they have achieved.

Social Selling case studies for Business Owners

Indium use Social Media to improve the way they shared high value content.

Social Media in Manufacturing is a rarity, but at Indium, a specialist in Solder Supply, there is a jewel. Several of their engineers (17 or so, and 73 blogs.) write Blog Articles to share their expertise with customers, prospects and people who have questions about the technical applications related to solder. They shifted from traditional white papers to blog articles, supported by extensive measurements. Video is part of the mix too, to develop high value conversations, and this rolls over into trade show attendance. The video highlights key points for success and insights too. Social Business doesn’t change WHAT you share, it changes HOW you share it. Excellent summary.

Results: SEO has improved significantly and Leads have ‘gone through the roof’. Trade-show costs are down 75%.