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LinkedIn SSI how to use and improve Lead Generation Mark Stonham Wurlwind LinkedWinEvery LinkedIn user can now access the LinkedIn SSI, the Social Selling Index, that is  provided for free by LinkedIn.

There has been some debate about its value, however I’m an advocate for it, as it really helps and encourages good/best practice when using LinkedIn.

In particular, it encourages a balance of activity that supports social selling.

Think of it as similar to the dials on the dashboard of your car – the speedometer, rev counter, temperature and fuel gauges.

More about this later in the article, but for now let’s cover some background.

An introduction to the LinkedIn SSI

Originally introduced in October 2014 for Sales Navigator Premium level users the SSI (or Social Selling Index) is a very useful tool for ALL LINKEDIN USERS who have business development and sales roles and responsibilities. This includes business owners, sales professionals, management consultants and business leaders.

  • if you’re relatively new to LinkedIn or inexperienced the SSI provides a valuable roadmap for what to do to get better at using LinkedIn in a sales context
  • if you’re at intermediate level with LinkedIn then the SSI will highlight areas to focus on to improve your skills, while maintaining other areas
  • if you’re a LinkedIn Master or Power user you may well have developed your own linkedin and Social Selling techniques that work for you and your role and territory and which add a level of refinement and go beyond the LinkedIn SSI.

Get your SSI – the LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Click on the button below and LinkedIn will calculate your SSI score for you = then come back to this page and read on.

Get your Personal Social Selling Index score here…


Congratulations if this was the very first time you ran the SSI tool.

Are you now wondering what this means, and how you can improve your score?

My first tip is to diarise a time to run the SSI on a weekly basis. Any more often that this and it will be a distraction. Any less than this and you may have forgotten what you did that affected the score.

What did your LinkedIn SSI score tell you about your Social Selling profile?


My second tip is to be realistic about your expectations for your ‘score’. Remember, your sales priority is to make your sales target, not to go chasing an unreasonably high SSI┬ánumber.
  • If you’re new to Linkedin or a casual user then a score below 50 is to be expected. Reaching 50 may be a good goal to aim for.
  • If you use LinkedIn regularly, a few times a week, and you have a sales role as an account manager, then a score between 60-80 will be quite respectable.
  • If you use LinkedIn all the time, as a new business sales person, lead generator, business development or similar, then a score of over 80 (or even over 90) is well within reach.

What is a ‘reasonable’ LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score

There is no ‘correct answer’ to this question.

The real value of the SSI is the way it highlights weaker areas and activities – and then re-measures to see what impact a change of behaviour and activity has made.

Improve your LinkedIn Profile

  • If you’re not scoring 20+ then this is worth improving as a priority.
  • In a similar way to an engine running more efficiently when its warm, so our LinkedIn activity runs more efficiently when our profile is completed and optimised.
  • So the profile score is like the temperature gauge on the dashboard. Things are a lot more comfortable when things are all warmed up.

Improve your LinkedIn Connection Network

  • If you’re building your network then aim for a score of 15+
  • I think of this as the rev counter. If few of our contacts match our ideal client profile then we can be spinning our wheels and going nowhere.
  • Inject a bunch of contacts who we’d like as clients and it’s equivalent to shifting gear. We make more progress with less effort.

Improve your Engagement with Contacts on LinkedIn

  • This is primarily an indication of how regularly you share content, so aim for 10+ if you’re starting out.
  • Think of this as the fuel tank. Content is the fuel that we put into relationships.

Improve your Sales Relationships using LinkedIn

  • This indicates how much you interact with contact, so aim for 10+
  • I see this as equivalent to the speedometer – which measures how much progress we’re making along the road.
  • It doesn’t know whether we’re going in the right direction, towards our destination location, or sales revenue target though.

What does the LinkedIn SSI show?

Here’s my SSI graph from Feb 2016

And from the second graph you can see it declined from the mid 80 – which was widely attributed to a change in the LinkedIn algorithm.

LinkedIn SSI Screen 2



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