LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Testimonials for Mark Stonham

Here are a selection of comments and LinkedIn Profile Update Testimonials about the process and results achieve with a rewritten LinkedIn Profile. Click on the links to visit their profiles on LinkedIn and see for yourself.

Mark extracted the essence from my CV to revamp my profile on LinkedIn. I am delighted with the results as I feel it clearly highlights my experience and positions me very well for consultancy and NED roles that I am looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark.

Trevor Gordon LinkedIn Profile Image

I started working with Mark recently and am highly impressed by his knowledge of LinkedIn and his professionalism. He only completed my personal profile rewrite last week and I am already seeing results, with a flurry of professionals inviting me to connect.
Mark not only has a wealth of specialist knowledge that he uses to enhance and develop your LinkedIn presence, but he is also highly efficient, a quick worker and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Dr Janet Rose The Tutor Team LinkedIn Profile Image

I engaged Mark to review my profile and provide guidance on how to get more from LinkedIn. After 2 x 50 minute calls I now have a much better understanding of LinkedIn, a much clearer profile and improved personal branding. Mark’s recommendations and suggestions were very on-point and clear during the calls and in the follow-up emails. I highly recommend Mark and his telephone-based consultancy and training.

Ed Norton Cycle UK LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark did an excellent job of distilling the elements of my portfolio career in to succinct and readable content. He bravely held me to account for the input I needed to make to ensure it occurred in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Sharon Critchlow LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark has provided LinkedIn support and training to 3radical in 3 phases over 3 years now. I chose Mark initially having worked with him at Alterian and because his focus is on how LinkedIn can be used by sales and business development people. His advice and support for the senior sales team has been excellent, helping us improve our understanding of LinkedIn for sales, improving our profiles, and helping us focus our time and attention on Linkedin related activities that move each person forward and help them achieve their goals. His experience as a B2B software sales person shows through, especially in the examples, advice and recommendations he has made. He has also been very flexible around our needs and has earned the respect of the team.

David Eldridge LinkedIn Profile Image

I’ve known Mark for nearly 10 years and he is my ‘go-to guy’ for LinkedIn. He’s helped me update my profile several times to emphasise my sector specialisation in various recruitment positions. He’s helped me to gain clarity and confidence in how I use LinkedIn and I can attribute many results to LinkedIn. I’ve referred Mark to several colleagues and contacts when they’ve needed help with their LinkedIn. Mark is a highly valued contact in my network.

Ashley Forbes LinkedIn Profile Image

I found Mark through LinkedIn as I was looking for someone to help me update my LinkedIn profile to re-position me as a senior business development leader. Mark identified my strength in market entry and building businesses and structured my profile around that. He also spotted that the 4, 40, 400 strategy I’ve developed for go-to-market situations is a strong talking point with the people I now want to connect with. Mark added huge insight and challenged my thinking to achieve clarity and direction. I recommend Mark very highly.

Pradeep Agarwal LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark was recommended to me and I was very happy with the outcome of my engagement. I was aware that my LinkedIn profile didn’t properly reflect my experience and the relevance to my consulting. With Mark’s help, we gained clarity on the positioning of my proposition and in doing so we discovered the XaaS keyword. Mark then helped with the reframing of my profile to make it compelling and provided useful thoughts on how to make better use of LinkedIn. Mark’s extensive experience of business development, social selling and LinkedIn has been invaluable.

Brendan Beith LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark approached me at an exhibition and outlined the benefits of also having a great LinkedIn profile to support our efforts. I engaged Mark to rewrite my Personal LinkedIn Profile and two company pages, and I’m delighted with the results. I’m adding a third business to my portfolio and have asked Mark to create a Page for that business too. He is also providing advice and training to help the team to promote the businesses through LinkedIn. He really knows how to maximise the use of LinkedIn.

Jeff Cox LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark worked with me to improve my use of LinkedIn, and the results have been fantastic. Mark made some excellent suggestions, and his advice and guidance has certainly resulted in me making more meaningful connections. I thoroughly recommend working with Mark.

Martin Jermyn LinkedIn Profile Image

I thoroughly recommend Mark. I was needing a fresh look at my LinkedIn profile and some help on ways to use LinkedIn. Mark was very effective and efficient in reviewing a long CV and getting the key points into an interesting performance-based profile. Mark then provided a wide range of key pointers on how to use LinkedIn more effectively. Thank you Mark!

David Gardner LinkedIn Profile Image

I have worked with Mark over the last three years. He is skillful at listening and word-smithing at pace and with minimal fuss. Great results delivered quickly and professionally. I would thoroughly recommend Mark’s work. 

Andrew Fisher LinkedIn Profile Image

A contact recommended I talk to Mark as part of developing Appeal Software through LinkedIn. Mark helped me to clarify positioning and our message as part of the rewrite of my personal LinkedIn profile and our LinkedIn company page. I’m delighted with the result and feel that we are now presented very well and this will support business development activities for the foreseeable future.

Luke Trimmings LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark has been enlightening and helpful with my whole approach to Linkedin – from my overall strategy (including my why), drafting the LinkedIn Profile and follow-on LinkedIn coaching sessions. With his extensive experience working with people who market their services he is able to challenge effectively to drill into what sets us apart from everyone else. I happily recommend Mark and his professional services.

Mike Kemball Linkedin Profile Image

I was introduced to Mark when we were rebranding Accelerus. He helped us develop a project and results focus to the LinkedIn profiles of the senior team. This positioned our strengths and experience very well and created a consistent style.

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Steve Benger Accelerus

I turned to Mark to take an objective look at my personal branding, LinkedIn profile and business positioning. As the “outsider” he promptly bought much needed “fresh thinking” to my LinkedIn profile and corporate page. Ideas that I rapidly flowed into my website and Twitter banner. His recommendations were well thought out and have readily chimed with my target audiences.

Ian Parker LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark did a brilliant job of seeing the wood for the trees on my LinkedIn profile. He managed to dissemble what I’m about and draw the thread through everything that I’ve done so that the whole adds up to more than the sum of the parts. I’m now delighted with my LinkedIn profile – it’s so much clearer, sharper and has so much more impact. Well done, Mark. It was a pleasure working with you too!

Mike Wilsher LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark has been assisting me with my personal profile and how I can make better use of LinkedIn as a business development resource. Not only does he have an impressive grasp of his subject but his delivery is first class too. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services.

Jon Welfoot LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark’s support & advice is invaluable for anyone who is looking to stand out from the crowd. His business background means that his recommendations are not only thoughtful & thought provoking but they are relevant & not just theoretical.

Marc Lawn LinkedIn Profile Image

I was referred to Mark when I realised I needed to improve my LinkedIn Profile having moved from contractor to business owner. Mark gained an excellent understanding of my business and wrote a really clear description of the service I offer, targeting me towards the type of clients I was looking for.

Andy Pye LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark is a great consultant possessing a unique ability to grasp one’s strengths, understand his client’s personality, experience and potential – and forge it into a great story and a professional profile – one that helped me get more customers and networks than ever before.

Konrad Jelen LinkedIn Profile Photo

Mark ran a LinkedIn training course for me and my team and then rewrote several of our LinkedIn profiles. The course gave us a great understanding of LinkedIn and several techniques for lead generation, and I’m delighted with the new profiles and still get tips from Mark from time to time.

Phil O'Brien LinkedIn Profile Photo

Working with Mark to rewrite my LinkedIn profile was really valuable. He challenged me to think about what I wanted, what I was best at, who I was focusing on and what topics would start conversations with them. He then drew out and highlighted my credentials to support this

Nick Cramp LinkedIn Profile Photo

Following expert advice from Mark (a LinkedIn guru) and we’ve moved into top gear in our sales researching through using LinkedIn much more intelligently and with much better LinkedIn Profiles for the senior team.

David Monks LinkedIn Profile Picture

We commissioned Mark to rewrite the LinkedIn Profiles of the 4 founders and create the LinkedIn Company Page when we launched our Premium Brands Agency “The London Gentleman”. We’re delighted that it’s helped us to initiate sales conversations with several premium brands and create some really high value opportunities. Mark’s approach and advice was excellent and really valuable.

Andy Paterson-Jones LinkedIn Image

I looked at my LinkedIn profile recently and thought how good it was. Then I remembered that Mark had written it for me over a year ago. I’m really impressed that it is still relevant and appropriate. Mark certainly captured the essence of what I do and wrote a profile that has stood the test of time and is proving to be an excellent investment for me.

Gary McGeorge LinkedIn Image

Thank you for running the LinkedIn and Social Selling training course for us. I learned a lot about how powerful LinkedIn can be and your explanations will help us to maximize our search for prospects and partners. And our profiles look much better after you rewrote them.

Jean marc Penelon LinkedIn Image

Mark re-wrote my LinkedIn personal profile and created our LinkedIn company page for a conference we were attending. Mark really understood our strengths and developed a very clear message for LinkedIn. I’m delighted with the results and he’s really given me confidence about how to use LinkedIn.

I asked Mark to rewrite my LinkedIn profile as there are several sides to my training and fitness business, and because my English is not brilliant, probably never will be :). I am really pleased with the result, and have asked Mark to write the profiles of new members of my team. He knows what he is doing and I know I can trust him. I heard back from my referred clients too, he did a great job for them as well so I highly recommend him.

Tom Lakos LinkedIn Portrait Image

Having attended Mark’s LinkedIn Training I realised I needed a much better LinkedIn profile to support my transition and resettlement from the Army to a civilian career. When Mark interviewed me he drew out my strengths, experience and aspirations. His re-write has helped me focus and position myself to pursue career directions that I am passionate about, drawing on relevant experience. I thoroughly recommend Mark’s profile rewriting service.

Mike Wills LinkedIn Portrait Image

I commissioned Mark to rewrite my LinkedIn profile. Mark was extremely thorough, helping me to clearly define my Service. I am now receiving more inquiries from relevant agencies. I cannot recommend Mark’s skills highly enough – he is certainly worthy of his reputation in the Bristol area as being ‘The LinkedIn Guru’!

Elaine Hollerhead Portrait

Mark did an amazing job with my LinkedIn profile. He was incredibly generous with his time, giving me advice and guidance way beyond my expectations. His input put me on a positive trajectory to help me work out what I really want to be doing. Well worth the investment.

Janice Moore LinkedIn Portrait

Mark produced an amazing LinkedIn profile and was a pleasure to work with throughout. He really captured what I wanted to get across and was extremely patient with me as well. I’m delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate in recommending Mark to others.

Barry Hynd LinkedIn Portrait

Mark is hugely knowledgeable and went over and above to provide guidance on the best Social Selling strategy for my particular opportunity in addition to delivering a well researched, written and targeted profile update. Can’t recommend enough!

Tom Faraday Portrait

Mark was very patient and professional with his help, training and guidance to create my profile. His knowledge of LinkedIn is exceptional.

Alan Mikkelson Portrait

I engaged Mark to rewrite my LinkedIn profile and provide coaching services to help me get more out of LinkedIn. It was time and money very well spent. I’m confident the tactics and his insight will start to pay dividends in the near future. Mark’s reputation on LinkedIn is very well known and deserved.

Mark Hutchinson LinkedIn Image

I engaged Mark to re-write my LinkedIn profile in April 2014. His approach was very thorough and created a professional and engaging profile highlighting my expertise and business value. Within a few days of the update I was receiving far more profile views and invitations to connect, and invitations I sent out were being accepted readily. As a direct result I was invited to an interview which led to an interim management position.

Charles Moore LinkedIn Image

I am very happy to recommend Mark and his LinkedIn Training and Consultancy Services. We brought Mark in to help me and one of my senior team get more from LinkedIn. He gave us a number of tips on how we should use Linked in more effectively. Mark also helped us improve our profiles and create a company page profile. Well worth the time and investment if you’re keen to get more from LinkedIn.

I personally recommend the Profile Update service, as Mark has extensively improved my own LinkedIn profile. This includes sharply refocusing existing content, adding valuable new content, and numerous other actions that establish me as a subject matter expert. Don’t hesitate.

Mark updated my LinkedIn profile to show my portfolio of business activities and present it simply and clearly. He made the transformation process fast and easy. It was reassuring having an expert on board. I would highly recommend his “Pimp your LinkedIn Profile” service.

Within days of updating my LinkedIn Profile, using the approach Mark taught me, I received an inquiry that turned into a consultancy engagement over 3 months.

Pat Thomas Linkedin Portrait

Mark worked with Desynit to optimise our personal and company presence on LinkedIn. Mark knows LinkedIn through and through, and how to make it work harder for your business. He has a great deal of experience and knowledge which he has built up by working with many different clients and businesses.

Amy Grenham Linkedin Portrait

Different LinkedIn Profile styles for different roles

Having reviewed and written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles it’s clear that different roles deserve a different style of profile. Check out the following pages that outline the key points for each role and profile:

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